Famous Architects Without Degrees

It is well known that you cannot become a professional in a certain field or profession without attaining the necessary accreditations for it. However, sometimes all it takes is skill and talent to become the best. You want to become an architect yet you are failing exams and all? Well, worry not as this list of great famous architects without degrees will inspire you to keep following your dream. Talking of skills and not qualifications, this is all you need to play online casino games for real money. You don’t need a qualification; just your skill is enough to earn money at online casinos (visit https://www.choiceonlinecasino.com/ to learn more).

Louis Sullivan

Architects Without Degrees Louis Sullivan With only completing one year in his formal education, Louis Sullivan, well known as the father of skyscrapers, made it into the architecture industry. He dropped out of the architecture school because of impatience and attended two apprenticeships which were brief. Currently, he is known as the father of modern American architecture. He also has more than 100 works that he has done in the architecture industry. Some of his work, in collaboration with Dankmar Alder, includes the Auditorium Building that is in Chicago, the Guaranty Building in New York, and the Wainwright building in Missouri.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Architects Without Degrees Frank Lloyd Wright Being honoured with the greatest architect of all time by the American Institute of Architects, Frank Lloyd is a University of Wisconsin drop out. He never gave up on his dream. He worked as an assistant architect where he got his experience. He then applied to work with the well-known Suvillian and Alder, which was his breakthrough. Today, Wright is known for designing more than 1000 iconic buildings. These include the falling Water Mill Run in Pennsylvania, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the famous Hagan house in Pennsylvania, and many more. Maybe they should design online casinos based on his architectural designs.

Le Corbusier

Architects Without Degrees Le Corbusier This book fanatic gained his experience from reading books mostly, and an early teacher who encouraged him to become an architecture. He apprenticed in several architectural offices. Today, he is known for designing the Roman Catholic chapel called Notre Dame du Haut and opening an architectural practice before he died.

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