FACE Cosmetic Surgery, Toronto / by Audax

When Audax was approached to design the new location of Face Cosmetic Surgery, the owner was looking for a design unlike anything the industry had seen. The mandate was to design a space that felt more like a hotel lobby than a clinic.

To achieve this objective, Audax looked beyond the conventional design standards used in similar clinics across the globe.

“FACE provided a unique design opportunity as it challenged our preconceived expectations of what a clinic should look like,” says Gianpiero Pugliese, Principal of Audax.

Audax deployed a rich palette of materials including brass, emerald-green fabrics, dark-veined stone and antiqued glass. As inspiration, Audax looked at Art Deco motifs for the design. The waiting area is highlighted by a bold screen feature that wraps the ceiling and peels away from the wall to create a privacy screen from the street. This provides discretion for the patrons while allowing natural light to flood the space.

The treatment rooms are calming and luxurious. The operating room is fully appointed with the latest in surgical equipment and technology yet its design is a fitting complement to the rest of the spaces in the clinic.

Design Team

Architecture/Interior Design: Audax
Custom Furnishings: Audax
Client Name: FACE Cosmetic Surgery
Location: Davenport Road, Toronto, Canada
Project Manager: Den Bosch + Finchley
Project End Date: 2017
Photographer: Erik Rotter

For more information: www.audax.ca

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