Engineering Marvel: Bogotá’s Uni Lab Fusion

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Project Highlights

Construction Management: Oficina de Construcciones PUJ
Bim Coordination: Ekoobim S.A.S.
Acoustics: Acústica, Diseño y Tecnología S.A.S.

Climate Consultancy: Ecophi
Electrical Design: Sm&A Ltda. Ingeniería Eléctrica Y Mecánica
Structural Design: Cni Ingenieros Consultores
Geotechnics : Luis Fernando Orozco – Ingenieros De Suelos

Hydrosanitary Design: Jorge Armando Granados
Hvac Design: Oscar Villamizar y Cia. Ltda. Ingenieros Consultores
Vertical Circulation: Thyssenkrupp
Specifications: Juan Pablo Ortíz y Taller Arquitectos

Human Safety: Agr y Cia
Lighting Design: Carmenza Henao Londoño
Landscape Design: Groncol
Interior Design: Juan Pablo Ortíz Y Taller Arquitectos

Signage: Toquica Estudio
Graphic Design: Toquica Estudio
Construction Supervisor: Consultécnicos
Construction Contractor: Hormigón Reforzado + Estahl Ingeniería

In the heart of Bogotá, Colombia, the Engineering Faculty at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana stands tall as a testament to innovative design and sustainable architecture. Led by Juan Pablo Ortiz + TALLER Architects, this collaborative project seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, transforming the educational landscape.

Seamless Integration

The journey began with a private competition in 2014, challenging architects to merge an existing brick structure with a new steel tower. Rising 2,600 meters above sea level, amidst the Andean foothills, this architectural marvel epitomizes sustainability and technical prowess.

Sustainable Retrofit

Faced with the task of revitalizing a 7,294 m2 brick building, the team prioritized sustainability. Retrofitting the late 80s structure not only reduced embodied carbon but also extended its lifespan. By modernizing the infrastructure, the project embraced energy efficiency while fostering collaboration among faculty members.

Challenges Turned Opportunities

Navigating the constraints of a narrow site and limited access, the architects embraced prefabrication and on-site assembly. This approach not only streamlined construction but also minimized environmental impact, a testament to the project’s eco-conscious ethos.

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The Atrium: Bridging Past and Present

At the heart of the complex lies The Atrium, a communal space uniting old and new. Adorned with vertical gardens, this vibrant hub fosters interaction and connection, symbolizing the fusion of heritage and innovation.

A Towering Achievement

Stretching 74 meters above the campus, the 14,089 m2 steel addition boasts 94 cutting-edge laboratories and 15 teaching spaces. With transparent designs promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, the infrastructure paves the way for future advancements in engineering education.

Inspired Design

Drawing inspiration from steel construction, the building’s design harmonizes form and function. From inner curtain walls optimizing energy efficiency to a communal rooftop terrace, every detail reflects a commitment to excellence.

Shaping the Future

Beyond its architectural significance, the project represents a transformative leap forward for both the faculty and the nation. Since its inauguration, it has ignited a wave of research and collaboration, positioning Colombia as a leader in engineering innovation.

In conclusion, the Engineering Laboratories at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana stand as a beacon of progress, a testament to the power of collaboration and visionary design. With Juan Pablo Ortiz + TALLER Architects at the helm, the future of engineering education has never looked brighter.

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