Elegant Revival: Palmer Apartment by Fernando Fisbein

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Project Info

Project Name: Palmer Apartment
Location: New York, NY, United States
Year of Design: 2022
Year of Construction: 2023
Area: 1,350 SF (125 m2)
Architect: Fernando Fisbein Architect
MEP Engineer: Palma Design
Expeditor: Somma Design & Consulting
Specifications: Construction Specifications
General Contractor: AT Concepts
Kitchen Contractor: Townhouse Kitchens

Nestled in the heart of New York City’s Upper East Side, the Palmer Apartment, masterfully designed by Fernando Fisbein Architect, stands as a testament to the fusion of contemporary luxury and timeless sophistication. This architectural gem has undergone a stunning transformation, breathing new life into a space that had lost its luster over the decades. Join us as we delve into the captivating journey of this remarkable renovation.

A Homecoming Journey

The Palmer Apartment holds a special place in the hearts of its owners, a couple who had left the city behind three decades ago to pursue careers in the film and television industry in Los Angeles. Now retired and seeking to reconnect with their roots, they decided to embark on a renovation journey to revitalize their 1,350-square-foot pied-à-terre in the bustling neighborhood of 57th Street and Park Avenue.

Reimagining the Space

The apartment’s original layout, a combination of a 1-bedroom unit and a neighboring studio, had remained largely unchanged for nearly 40 years. Fernando Fisbein was enlisted to guide the transformation, and the decision was made to undertake a complete gut renovation. The existing space suffered from a multitude of issues, from excessive partitions and outdated lighting to damaged flooring and inadequate storage.

A Symphony of Space

The essence of the renovation lies in its ability to create an open, flowing space that bathes every corner in natural light. White oak planks from LV Wood seamlessly traverse the living, dining, and kitchen areas, creating a harmonious connection. A continuous ceiling design unifies the space, resolving variations in beam heights while integrating both direct and indirect lighting.

Millwork Marvel

At the heart of the project lies the thoughtfully designed millwork—a multifunctional marvel that acts as the apartment’s central spine. This dynamic feature incorporates integrated lighting, offering storage, display, workspace, and support functions throughout its length. It brings a sense of purpose and organization to the space.

Kitchen as a Hub

The kitchen emerges as the apartment’s central pivot point, its partitions removed to introduce an open and airy ambiance. A peninsula extends into the dining area, enhancing usability and facilitating a seamless transition between social and private spaces. Custom cabinetry crafted from white oak live flitch and pristine white engineered stone countertops, courtesy of Townhouse Kitchens, redefine modern elegance.

Living in Style

The living room exudes sophistication, with its modernist furniture collection, including a custom-designed USM Haller media console and bar. Iconic pieces like the Isamu Noguchi coffee table and the imbuia wood Kilin chair and Mocho stool by Sergio Rodrigues imbue the space with tropical warmth. Artistic touches, such as the Bola Disc pendant by Pablo Studio and a Joan Miró artwork, further elevate the ambiance.

Intimate Dining

The dining area radiates intimacy while retaining its ability to host formal gatherings. A sleek glass dining table by CB2 is complemented by iconic Wishbone Chairs by Hans Wegner. The vintage leg splint from 1942 by Charles and Ray Eames adds a touch of family history to the room.

Private Retreat

The primary bedroom offers a cozy retreat with a hidden projection screen for movie nights. Custom white oak storage cabinets, expertly crafted by AT Concepts in Brooklyn, contribute to the room’s serene atmosphere.

Luxurious Bathrooms

The primary suite’s bathroom was expanded and now gleams with Crema Marfil marble. Custom white oak vanities by AT Concepts maintain the overall aesthetic. The secondary bathroom, retaining its original layout, echoes the same refined design language.

Harmony in the Second Bedroom

The second bedroom serves a dual purpose as a music and meditation room. It features iconic pieces, such as the George Nelson Platform Bench and the Hlynur Atlason Lína swivel chair, creating a harmonious and inspirational space.


The Palmer Apartment, reborn through the visionary expertise of Fernando Fisbein Architect, stands as a testament to the power of design to transform and rejuvenate. This architectural masterpiece harmonizes modern luxury with timeless charm, redefining the concept of home in the heart of New York City’s Upper East Side. It is a space where elegance and functionality coexist, offering a haven of comfort and style for its fortunate owners.

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