DIY Clay Bowls: Easy to Make and Fun to Sell

Would you like to make amazing bowls with a personal touch? Then consider the DIY clay bowls because they are easy to throw and mold on the potter’s wheel and fun to sell on various platforms. Have you checked out the bowls from Supper Club? They are hand-made and heavily sought after by many people who understand the beauty of pottery.

If you are interested in pottery, you can make amazing bowls both for dining use and decoration purposes and have fun selling them. Let’s guide you on how to go about it.

Decide on the Type of Bowls to Make

Pottery is an art that defines creativity, inspiration, and interests. Therefore, there is no limitation on the type of bowls to make and their designs. You can choose from the commonly used soup bowls to décor bowls.

Apart from the type, pottery bowls can also be finished in many colors and textures depending on the inspiration. Many hand-made pottery items have a story behind them, and yours should be no different. Take your time to plan, choose, and design perfect bowls that will be easy to make and fun to sell.

Prepare to Make Your Bowls

Bowls require various basic pottery tools, equipment, and materials to make. A quick search on the web will help you to understand the basic preparations. And now that you are here, let us cover the basic items.

  • Clay – The list of clay types keeps growing by the day, but the most common types include earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, bentonite, kaolin, and more. So, choose well depending on what you want to achieve in your bowls.
  • Glazes – These materials are as important as clay and come in different types and colors. They give your bowls that polished or textured finish, so it is important to choose them well.
  • Equipment – The two main pieces of equipment are the potter’s wheel and kiln. You can get them online from a reliable seller or just walk into a pottery shop and buy them.
  • Tools – There are many pottery tools, but you can start with the basic ones such as cutting wire and blades, shaping tools, sponges, brushes, and the like.

Making Your Bowls

The process of making bowls is simple. It starts by preparing the clay, kneading it to perfection, and then spinning it on a potter’s wheel. Ensure that your work surface is perfectly prepared, not only for working but also for storing the finished bowls to dry naturally before burning them in a kiln.

From here, you need to glaze them well to give them a perfect finish before burning them in a kiln. After this, they will be ready for selling.
How to Sell Clay Bowls

As mentioned, it is fun to sell clay bowls now that the internet has made engagement so fun. Many people prefer to sell through a website or a social media page. However, there is a more interactive option such as going live to tell people about your products. Sometimes, you can go live when making the bowls for viewers to see and appreciate the process. There is also an option of having a physical shop to sell your handmade bowls alongside other pottery items.


You can see how easy it is to make clay bowls and sell them in a fun way. You can start this as a hobby and upgrade it to a full-time incoming-making venture. For now, the most important step is to get started on the right foot.

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