Discovering Tranquility: Ye Xiao Xiao Tea Space in Mengzi

Project Name: Ye Xiao Xiao
Project Location: Mengzi, Yunnan, China
Project Area: 240?
Design Firm: Aurora Design (
Chief Designer: Yang Xuewan
Lighting design: Uniimport
Cloth Vine Device: Knight art lab
Design Date: 2023.04
Completion Date: 2023.10
Photography: Na Xin from INSPACE

Unveiling the Ancient Tea Culture of Yunnan

In the heart of Mengzi, Yunnan, a tribute to the ancient Baipu people and their tea-drinking legacy emerges. Explore the roots of tea culture that flourished in Yunnan Province, considered the birthplace of this cherished tradition. From the legendary Tea Horse Road to the echoes of Waste Water Bowl, each step unveils a rich tapestry of history and vitality.

AURORA DESIGN’s Emotional Design Journey

AURORA DESIGN, at the forefront of innovative tea brands, introduces a unique perspective through “emotional design.” Immerse yourself in a tranquil space inspired by the emotions of the Tea Horse Road in South Yunnan. As you sit by floor-to-ceiling windows or stroll along winding paths, experience a journey through time, with each circle guiding you through diverse emotional encounters.

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Embracing Nature: The Design Aesthetic

Step into a space where the entrance bar counter, reminiscent of the Tea Horse Road’s emotion, sets the tone. Earthy tones deepen the emotional connection, creating a textured, nature-inspired haven. Serenity and simplicity become the keynotes, evolving with the curving paths and unfolding emotional expressions within shared memories.

Crafting Spatial Memories

Wander through curtains and wood alcoves, where softness meets hardness, reality dances with illusion, achieving a harmonious balance. Ascend to a raised platform, surrounded by flowing curtains, and taste the freshness of emotions interwoven with nature. The design encapsulates an embracing posture, where life and emotions intersect, offering a diverse experiential journey.

The Embrace of Tranquility

Enveloped in soft curtains, the space resonates with warmth and comfort, serving as a medium for soulful communication. AURORA DESIGN’s organic forms, inspired by natural landscapes, create a tranquil atmosphere. The warm color palette guides visitors from tranquility to deep contemplation, encouraging a focus on inner emotions. Ye Xiao Xiao Tea Space invites you to explore a world where every plant and sip of tea originates from emotion, reconstructing your worldview amid the complexities of modern life.

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