Dime Headquarter, Montreal / Vives St-Laurent

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Interior design studio Vives St-Laurent presents its latest collaboration: the Dime headquarters. The project consists of the relocation of a warehouse and the interior design of the company’s offices. Based in Montreal, Dime contributes to the skateboarding community’s exposure through the production of videos, clothing lines, and through collaborations with renowned brands. The company is also known for hosting events such as the Dime Glory Challenge, enabling Montreal to shine on the international skateboarding scene.

The company’s new collaborative space is located in the heart of a former industrial sector in Montreal’s Mile-End district. Breathtaking views of Mount Royal convinced the founders to move to the 6th floor of the Casgrain Avenue building. Airy and simple, the space comprises several open and closed areas, enabling collaborations. A large common area, which includes a vestibule, a lounge, and a kitchen, is featured at the suite’s entrance.

“We wanted the kitchen to be at the heart of the space, as a place where different teams could come together. We concealed the equipment in order to obtain a minimalistic kitchen and to break with traditional office space codes.” – Lysanne St-Laurent – Co-founder at Vives St-Laurent

The kitchen design is thus focused on a large, steel, island-type table, creating space for informal meetings and socialization. Connected to the entrance and kitchen are two meeting rooms of different sizes. The largest one, which can comfortably welcome 10-12 people, is intended to facilitate the design and development teams’ daily reviews. The second room offers a more flexible and modular layout to accommodate a variety of team needs.

The use of residential-style furniture accentuates the comfort of this second meeting room and contributes to the relaxed atmosphere of the office. A sofa, a side chair, and a round table can easily be moved.

According to responses obtained from team members who answered a preliminary survey developed by the design team, it turns out that Dime is a fun, progressive, and laid-back company.

Artifacts and by-products collected throughout the years are displayed throughout, with shoes, construction helmets, photographs, trophies, and sculptures adorning the place. The office consequently becomes a neutral canvas that enables the brand’s personality, renowned for its humour and innovative concepts, to speak for itself.

The addition of vintage pieces, including a Roche Bobois sofa, mid-century-style tables and chairs, and a rosewood bookcase, further contribute to the creation of a unique and refined look. These singular pieces contrast with the contemporary furniture selected by Vives St-Laurent.

An open workspace unfolds along the large, mountain-facing bay windows of the building. This area leads to three closed rooms: two offices and one meeting room. Concealed by the utility core, the creation area is a large workshop-like space, which contains a large table for measuring patterns, a material library, and clothing racks.

The head office’s subdued aesthetics bring the industrial essence of the place to the forefront, while a personalized touch reflects the values of the company. With a culture focused on the principles of family and collaboration, which values commitment and participation (clan culture), Dime offers an environment that promotes the creativity and fulfillment of its team.

Technical sheet

Designer: Vives St-Laurent
Project manager: Lysanne St-Laurent
Contractor: Manovra
Suppliers: Jussaume, Mobel 360, Montréal Moderne, Showroom MTL
Location: Montréal, Canada
Surface area: 10,000 sq. ft.
Year of completion: 2021
Credit: Alex Lesage

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