Diablo House: Eco-Innovation Meets Stunning Views

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Project Info

Lot Area: 69,000 square feet (6410 sq m)
Floor Area: 6,600 square feet (613 sq m)
Building Type: Residential

Year: 2022
Design Team: Ivan Terry, Alex Terry, Naomi Hansen

Structural Design: Advanced Engineering, Justen Peek
Construction: 361 Construction, Sasha Saratlija

Nestled atop a ridge in the picturesque surroundings of Danville, United States, Diablo House is a testament to innovative architectural design. Crafted by the skilled hands of Terry & Terry Architecture, this residence offers breathtaking views of Mount Diablo and the rolling hills and valleys that embrace it. The architects behind this remarkable project, Ivan Terry, Alex Terry, and Naomi Hansen, have created a masterpiece that seamlessly marries nature with contemporary living.

A Harmonious Addition

The core of Diablo House is an elegant two-story addition thoughtfully connected to the original single-story structure at a unique angle. This architectural choice not only opens up the interior space but also invites the outdoors in, creating a sense of unity with the natural landscape. Within the new volume, a ground-level kitchen, dining area, and media space provide the perfect backdrop for daily life. Above, a luxurious primary bedroom suite extends gracefully beyond the hillside, offering panoramic views of the picturesque hills that surround the property.

Fluid Open Design

One of the defining features of Diablo House is its open-plan layout, allowing spaces to flow seamlessly into one another. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls encircle the main deck, curving gracefully to provide unobstructed views from the living areas. This connection to the outdoors not only floods the interior with natural light but also brings the captivating landscape into every corner of the house. To combat the scorching summer sun, deep overhangs frame the view, ensuring that the interiors remain cool and comfortable.

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Sustainable Innovation

Diablo House is not just a marvel of design; it’s also a paragon of sustainability. The architects have integrated a plethora of passive and active sustainable features into the building. The South and North facades have been designed to optimize passive solar heating during the winter while bathing the interiors in natural daylight year-round. Deep overhangs provide essential shade during the sweltering summer months.

Spray foam insulation, highly efficient and eco-friendly, lines the roof and walls, ensuring a comfortable environment throughout the year. The roof’s orientation allows for the integration of generous photovoltaic and hydronic solar panel arrays. These, along with a rainwater irrigation system tied into the native landscape, enable Diablo House to fulfill most of its energy and water needs independently.

Conclusion: A Sustainable Oasis

In conclusion, Diablo House by Terry & Terry Architecture is more than just a residence; it’s a testament to architectural innovation and sustainable living. This harmonious blend of modern design and eco-conscious features provides its inhabitants with a comfortable and efficient living space that respects and integrates with its natural surroundings. With breathtaking views and a commitment to sustainability, Diablo House sets a new standard for contemporary living in tune with the environment. This is not merely a house; it’s a sustainable oasis for those who cherish both design and the planet.

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