Design Ideas for Your Rental Property

I’m sure we all have a vision in mind of how we want our dream home and its interior to look. Some of us crave modern, innovative designs fitted with high spec fixtures, whereas others prefer a country style home with traditional furnishings and old-fashioned additions. From introducing cleverly-hidden storage spaces and multipurpose furniture to grand entrance hallways and large garden spaces, all elements aim to boost the appeal for home living.

There are a multitude of design ideas that you can welcome into your home without paying an extortionate cost, as well as those looks you can achieve without any permanent changes which are perfect for those who are renting. Decorating a rented property can be tricky, but there are a wide range of things you can consider to inject life and personality into your living space. Many landlords don’t allow for permanent changes to be made on their properties but often allow some rooms to be repainted or slightly adapted for a tenant to feel like it’s their own home, providing their designs canrevert back to its original state. Some traditional decorating methods will be well out of question, but you can follow these simple ideas to add some love into your rented home without risking your deposited funds.

Bed linen, blankets and throws

Buying new bed linen can often inject new colours and patterns into a tired or plain room. Opt for timeless colours which won’t date and will end up being more affordable as they won’t need to be replaced if you change the colour scheme of your home. Using patterned materials around your home can create a feeling of warmth as well as adding an element of luxury. All of these ideas can be easily replaced or easily moved from room to room depending on your chosen designs.

Wallpaper Panels

For most people in rented homes, wallpaper is a huge no. To escape this problem, why not create the same effect by wrapping plywood panels in your chosen wallpaper. This solves the problem of wanting to add more character to your home with little or no damage. Not only is this a cost-effective way of adding colours and patterns to a room, but you can also change your colour scheme as often as you want. Another way of using wallpaper panels is to use them to separate rooms into different spaces, particularly if you live in a studio apartment like those from RW Invest.

Modular Storage

This is a great idea for rented properties that are a little short on space, they aim to fit any size or shape of room. Not only do they provide a storage solution whilst renting but they are also easier to remove, change, and place elsewhere, which is particularly great if you are planning on moving. Modular shelving is a great addition to your home and look better than your average bookshelf. They make great storage solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices that are designed with space in mind.

Statement Lighting

Lighting can put a stamp on a property and is relatively cheap. You may not be able to change the position of your lights in your rented accommodation; however, you can add table lamps, floor lamps, candles or statement lights to control the level of design. Often lights are a central feature to any room, so you can afford to be bolder in your choice.

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