Departamento Vertice, Estado de Mexico / by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea

A home that includes all its inhabitants is the project that ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea´s team did for this project. The basic rules of universal design answered all the needs for a person that uses a wheel chair creating the ideal ambiance where everyone can fully enjoy the whole space.

To make sure all the movement inside the apartment is simple all the areas are wide. The doors are large and no steps were used in any room. Special attention was paid to the lighting design in different levels and also with the furniture design making sure it included all the necessary to solve with a harmonious and pleasant image.

The materials used were marble, granite, limestone, different types of wood and engineering floorboards —for floors, walls, and plafonds— to attain a warm atmosphere in the residence. The selected color palette is range of warm grays complemented with the rest of the textures. Most of the furniture was designed by the architects specifically for each space and some of the pieces were purchased and carefully selected.

A central element that can be seen from all the common areas of this apartment is a lattice that gives a very important visual impact. This lattice divides the spaces and delimits the areas and its design is formed by black steel and tempered glass elements with a bronze colored film, which besides giving a brilliant color accent, adds more privacy to the studio.

ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea´s team integrated a functional space with a harmonious and modern environment that provides a personalized solution to all the needs of this family.

Project Name: Departamento Vertice
Design: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea
Arq. Bernardo Lew
Arq. Jose Lew
Arq. Jose Memun
Location: Lomas Country Club, Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico
Area: 335 m2
Year: 2018
Photography: Jaime Navarro

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