Departamento Toronjos, México D.F. / by Art Arquitectos

© Marisol Paredes

Art Arquitectos developed the interior project for this apartment of 304 square meters. A small, shapely wood paneled hall isolates the door of the elevator; the living room and dining room are open and divided by a large sill and it support a sculpture. There is a wall that becomes a bar on the side of the antechamber while, on the other side, it is an item furniture for housing de TV. Sleek built-in boxes are used to define these areas with indirect perimeter light and direct light guided on to the points of greater relevance.

Departamento Toronjos

Location: Bosques de las Lomas, México D.F.
Area: 340 m2
Architectonic project: Art Arquitectos
Interior project: Art Arquitectos
Photography: Marisol Paredes


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