Crafting Verse: A Poetic Dwelling, Nature in Harmony

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Chuanwen Wu, a visionary architect, has created a poetic dwelling that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Located on Ersha Island in the heart of Guangzhou City, this dwelling is a masterpiece of design and a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban life. Wu’s attention to detail and his commitment to incorporating nature into every aspect of the home is evident in the architectural marvel he has crafted.

The dwelling, embraced by flowing rivers and lush greenery, is a true gift to living. It represents a realm of tranquil seclusion where nature and urban seamlessly converge. Situated a river’s distance away from the iconic Canton Tower, the home offers a sense of harmony and peace, making it a perfect sanctuary from the bustling city.

The design concept of this dwelling revolves around the intertwining beauty of nature and art. Wu has created a mosaic of aesthetic symbols that serve as a spiritual humanistic footnote. The architectural design celebrates the vibrant growth of nature and embraces its companionship. It is a place where enjoyment, liberty, and heartfelt expression find their home.

The dwelling was conceived as a haven for a family of five, born out of the love and aspirations of its members. The husband, an accomplished design engineer, dedicated himself to providing his wife and three children with a home that would nourish their souls. With a deep love for plants, the family’s connection to nature guided every aspect of the design, from the selection of the location to the spatial layout.

The first floor of the dwelling showcases the seamless connection between internal and external spaces. By removing obstacles and creating a void space, the design maximizes the incorporation of natural scenery and daylight. The interplay of light and shadow throughout the day creates an enchanting atmosphere, making every day feel like a special occasion for the residents.

The tea room, an integral part of the living room, serves as a corner for tranquil and lively moments. It offers the perfect space for the family to enjoy peaceful contemplation or engage in fun moments with friends. Natural wood and minimalist elements create an elegant and serene atmosphere, while stainless steel storage cabinets add a touch of modernity. The combination of nature and art in this space fosters a sense of effortless elegance.

The staircase, connecting the first and second floors, is no longer just a functional area but a work of art in itself. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the visually captivating hollow ladder allows vertical illumination to play a vital role. The interplay of light and shadow creates a poetic ambiance and reinforces the connection between humans and nature.

The second floor is dedicated to the three boys in the family, reflecting their adventurous spirit and aspirations. Each child’s individual space is designed with a unique theme that reflects their personality, while also considering future interactions among family members. The design allows for uninterrupted interaction and fosters a strong bond of sibling affection. The inclusion of art pieces adds a delightful touch and weaves together the shared stories of the family’s life.

The third floor features a sunroom and outdoor terrace that bring nature into the home. The eldest son, a plant lover, has his dream of becoming a botanist realized in this space. Real plants adorn the living and growing botanical encyclopedia, creating an immersive experience reminiscent of a botanical garden. The terrace provides a relaxing place for the family to enjoy nature and unwind. It offers a multifunctional space for impromptu gatherings and allows for a deeper connection with the natural world.

The fourth floor is where the family’s love for camping is brought to life. The rooftop becomes a haven for them, offering a perfect blend of nature and freedom. With breathtaking views of lakes, mountains, and the city skyline, the rooftop camping experience is both wild and luxurious. The space also accommodates the homeowner’s passion for golf, providing ample room for swinging clubs with flair.

Infinity Design, led by Chuanwen Wu, has embraced the concept of “building nature” in this dwelling. By integrating natural forms into material space, Wu has created a home that nurtures organic life and fosters a deep connection with nature. The dwelling serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, a place where peace, tranquility, and spontaneity flourish.

In conclusion, Chuanwen Wu’s poetic dwelling is a testament to his visionary approach to architecture. With a keen focus on integrating nature and art, Wu has created a home that celebrates the beauty of the natural world and provides a harmonious living environment for its residents. Every aspect of the design, from the seamless connection between internal and external spaces to the inclusion of botanical elements and outdoor terraces, reflects Wu’s commitment to creating a space that embraces nature in all its forms. The dwelling stands as a remarkable example of how architecture can harmonize with its surroundings and create a sanctuary where families can thrive in harmony with the natural world.

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Project Information

Project Name: Natural Light Residence
Project Address: Ersha Island, Guangzhou
Project Area: 360 m2

Interior Design: Infinity Design
Lead Interior Designer: Chuanwen Wu
Interior Design Team: WenchongChen, XinyuDeng, LinmeiXu

Soft Furnishing Design: TNT Creative Design
Lead Soft Furnishing Designer: Nail C
Construction and Execution: TIMEIS Decoration

Project Manager: WeichangZeng
Media Coordination: Ivana Lee
Project Photography: ZaohuiHuang, Daze Studio
Project Videography: HuaSheng Studio

Collaborating Brands: Ugan concept, Imola Ceramica, OASIS OBJECT, Cassina, Herman Miller, Zieta, Rosenthal, Georg Jensen, IVV, ferm LIVING, Serax, SUREECO, ZENS, ziinlife, CAMERICH, Gessi, Hunter Douglas

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