Crafting Nature: Maison Lavande’s Dreamy Workspace

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Project Highlights

Client: Maison Lavande
Adress: St-Eustache, Qc, Canada
The factory is located in the new industrial district: Innoparc Albatros
Area : 12 012 sq.ft. / 1 116m2.
Materials used: Terrazzo, laminate, carpet, Ezobord ceiling panels

Project partners and suppliers

Architecture and project management: Syscomax
Partition walls : Groupe API- Teknion

Furnitures: Burovision et Élément de base
Lighting: Luxtec, Luminaire Authentik
Vegetation: Planteca
Concrete and terrazzo: Béton multi surfaces

Carpet and vinyl: Interface
Ceramics and porcelain: Stone tile
Acoustic panels: Ezobord
Photograph: David Boyer

Maison Lavande, nestled in the picturesque Saint-Eustache, Canada, unveils its latest architectural gem, crafted by the renowned ISSASTUDIO. As a beacon of innovation in the agrotourism and lavender perfumery sector, Maison Lavande epitomizes the essence of nature-infused design, captivating the hearts of Quebecers. With an ever-growing demand for their exquisite products, Maison Lavande embarked on a transformative journey, relocating and expanding its production center, La Fabrique des Filles, to orchestrate a seamless amalgamation of functionality and aesthetics.

Nature-inspired Design: A Sanctuary for Creativity

Envisioned as more than just a workplace, Maison Lavande’s new administrative center epitomizes a sanctuary for creativity and well-being. ISSASTUDIO, renowned for its expertise in biophilic design, undertook the challenge of infusing the workspace with elements of nature, fostering a harmonious blend between the industrial surroundings and the company’s rural roots. Collaborating seamlessly with Syscomax, the architectural visionaries behind the project, ISSASTUDIO redefined the notion of workspace design, creating an oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling industrial district.

Journey through Tranquility: Atrium and Beyond

Stepping into Maison Lavande’s administrative center, visitors are greeted by a symphony of architectural brilliance. The grandeur of the atrium, adorned with a cathedral ceiling and a central skylight, transcends mere functionality, offering a sanctuary for collaboration and contemplation. Designed to maximize natural light and panoramic views of the idyllic countryside, the atrium serves as the beating heart of the workspace, fostering a sense of elevation and serenity.

Elevating Collaboration: Harmonious Workspaces

As one ventures deeper into Maison Lavande’s administrative hub, a seamless blend of form and functionality unfolds. The administrative offices, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of employees, epitomize the essence of collaborative workspaces. From open-plan workstations to intimate acoustic booths, every element is thoughtfully curated to foster communication and creativity. Embracing the principles of biophilia, the design ethos prioritizes employee well-being, ensuring a seamless integration with the natural surroundings.

Materiality: A Symphony of Sustainability

At the heart of Maison Lavande’s architectural masterpiece lies a commitment to sustainability and harmony. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature, the material palette boasts earthy tones and natural textures, creating a soothing ambiance that invigorates the senses. Wood accents, reminiscent of the rustic countryside, intertwine with neutral hues, evoking a sense of warmth and tranquility. From the shingled acoustic panels to the intricately crafted cabinetry, every element pays homage to the timeless beauty of nature.

Conclusion: Redefining Workspaces, Cultivating Inspiration

In essence, Maison Lavande’s administrative center stands as a testament to the power of visionary design and unwavering commitment to employee well-being. Through a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and innovative functionality, ISSASTUDIO and Syscomax have redefined the modern workspace, transcending conventional boundaries and nurturing a culture of creativity and collaboration. As Maison Lavande continues to chart new horizons in the realm of agrotourism and lavender perfumery, its architectural marvel serves as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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