Conversion, Muraz / by savioz fabrizzi architectes

the project involves converting a barn-cum-stable in the old village of muraz into two apartments. the particular typology of the original building was characterised by a base of heavy masonry coated with traditional lime-based render, which extended upward on a reduced scale. a partially open wooden frame simply rested on the sizeable masonry walls to close off the building. this gave the barn-cum-stable a certain bulk and solidity, which it was decided to retain and intensify during the conversion.

the project is divided into two separate parts along the ridge line, creating two apartments spread over three levels. small openings have been added in the lower part of the building, which contains the rooms used at night. the central part, left as open as possible, contains the living areas and includes a double height space. in the highest part, above the kitchen, there is a mezzanine containing a bedroom and a study area.

a system of pivoting strips of wood has been developed to fill the portions of the external walls between the areas of masonry. these strips are able to pivot, so that the amount of light allowed into the spaces can be varied. this system is a clear echo of the vertical pieces of wood that used to form openings in the original barn-cum-stable and in this way, the building’s typology is retained.

the internal spaces are treated neutrally, with a thin layer of render in order to highlight the relationship with the external context that can be seen through the large openings behind the wooden strips. up on the mezzanine floor, a similar system of pivoting strips of wood is used to create a direct relationship between the living spaces, the office and the bedroom, and to enable the room to be closed off when necessary.

client : private
collaborators : jean-pascal moret, loïc nellen
programme :two 2-bedroom apartments with living room, dining room, guest wc, bedroom, bathroom, mezzanine with study area and bedroom, basement and plant areas

dates :
project 2015
execution 2016-2017

volume (sia 116 standard) : 1000 m3
civil engineering : alpatec sa, martigny
heating engineering : gd climat, sion

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