Cino: Hawaiian Delight by Studio UNLTD’s Chic Design

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Project Highlights

Project Year: 2021-2023
Client: DB Restaurant Group
Area: 278 square meters interior / 65 square meters exterior
Architect: Brian K. Fujiwara, BFK & Associates
Lighting Design: Studio UNLTD
Project Team: Terri Robison, Greg Bleier, Becky Becheanu

Los Angeles-based Studio UNLTD proudly reveals its groundbreaking design masterpiece, the Cino Chophouse and Crudo Bar, marking its inaugural venture in the Hawaiian Islands. Situated within the ‘A’ali’i shops at the Ward Village mixed-use development, overlooking the scenic Victoria Ward Park on O’ahu, Hawaii, this 3,000 square foot culinary haven also boasts a spacious 700 square feet outdoor patio.

Bold Design, Hawaiian Tranquility: A Culinary Escape

As the flagship establishment for an innovative restaurant group, Studio UNLTD aimed to create a bold and transformative design for Cino. With a global perspective in mind, the design team crafted an elevated, holistic ambiance that aligns with the group’s mission to revolutionize the dining landscape in Hawaii.

Maximalism Meets Art Deco: Inside the Vibrant Cino

Step into the vibrant interiors of Cino, Honolulu, where maximalism, Art Deco, and contemporary styles converge in a visually stunning spectacle. Saturated colors mingle with plush florals, animal prints, and crisp geometric shapes, forming a complex visual feast for patrons. Resembling an eccentric artist’s apartment, the restaurant’s 3,000 square foot interior is divided into three distinct areas: the main cocktail bar and lounge, a dedicated raw bar, and the main dining room.

Eccentric Elegance: Cocktail and Raw Bar Extravaganza

The cocktail bar, a focal point at the entry, boasts a ribbed teal-blue tile face, an amazonite marble bar top, and decorative brass shelving. A hexagonal chandelier of polished brass casts a dramatic glow, creating an ambient atmosphere. The raw bar, echoing the cocktail bar’s design features, complements the aesthetic with teal-blue tiles, amazonite marble, and baroque-inspired molding. Twin curvilinear banquettes, adorned in a palette of pinks, gold, chartreuse, and claret, face the bars, creating an explosion of giant flower petals. The overall softness is enhanced by translucent purple drapery, while marble-look black and white porcelain tiles connect the three spaces visually.

Mulberry Hues and Avant-Garde Glamour: Main Dining Extravaganza

Dive into the main dining room, where deep mulberry sets the stage for layers of flora and fauna prints, textured upholstery, and chromatic portraits of exotic animals. Plush velvets, including an ultra-feminine floral print banquette and Kelly-green velvet dining chairs, surround guests. Polished brass and high-gloss table tops add a touch of luxe glamour, completing the Avant Garde vibe that defines the Cino dining experience.

In summary, Cino Restaurant by Studio UNLTD stands as a testament to innovative design, culinary excellence, and a commitment to redefining the Hawaiian dining scene. Immerse yourself in this culinary marvel, where bold aesthetics meet delectable cuisine in the heart of Honolulu.

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