Choose the Best Furniture for Your Patio. Here’s How:

Your outdoor space is as important as the interior of your house. That’s why choosing the best furniture for your patio must also be a priority. Especially if you have plans on renovating and styling it.

In this piece we’re giving you five great tips on how to shop for outdoor furniture pieces. Follow these steps to make your design and renovation journey as hassle-free as possible:

1. Focus on a theme

One golden rule of having an outdoor space, however big or small, is that it must not feel boring. And focusing on a central or cohesive look will help enhance the vibe of the space. Having a theme will also help you narrow down your options when it comes to other design elements and furniture.

This central theme can be inspired by your favourite colour or a style motif. Once you’ve decided on this, you can now decide on what kind of furniture you are buying to achieve that theme.
Let’s say you’re gunning for a minimalistic theme on your patio. You can opt for wooden furniture with clean straight lines and natural finish that gives emphasis on the wood grain.

But if you’re going for a posh and nautical theme, your outdoor space will look superb with a woven rattan with cream and navy textiles placed on it.

2. Look for the perfect colours

Colours will set the mood and tone for your patio. That’s why it’s as important as choosing a theme. For example, dark tones like mahogany can give you an elegant and mature vibe that’s perfect for bars and lounges.

If you’re looking to use your outdoor space for family gatherings, then opting for white and oak furniture will look cool especially if your patio is beautifully sunlit.

You should also consider the right colours for the cushions and fabric that will be incorporated in your furniture. Playing on patterns and textures can also help you bring out a style and personality that’s uniquely yours.

3. Opt for high-quality materials

Keep in mind that the furniture placed outdoors are more exposed to elements. So expect them to deteriorate faster than your indoor home pieces.

But if you’re buying a sofa made with really durable materials, you don’t have to worry about it’s life expectancy. Just make sure that they’re really durable enough to withstand outdoor elements like wind dust, sun, rain and more.

4. Set aside your budget

High-quality furniture pieces are naturally more expensive. Because they are made with durable materials and are built to last. So if you’re gunning for real quality, that might cut a little deep through your budget.

So it’s best not to buy furniture on a whim. Instead, plan and save for it if you really want a gorgeous and functional outdoor space.

5. Measure the space correctly

Last, and certainly not the least. If you’re already sold on a theme, you’ve picked the colours, and you have the budget, you might think that all that’s left to do is to order your outdoor furniture today.

Close, but no. You might want to measure the outdoor space you’re smartening up first.

Keep in mind that you are perking it up not only for furniture and accessories but also for people who will actually use the space. So you would want them to be able to move around freely without hitting the home pieces or each other.

Right measurements of the patio will also help you decide whether you should go for larger tables, smaller sofas, or how many pieces you should buy. If you can’t find the right size of furniture that will fit the space, gunning for custom-made might be your best and last option.

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