Chic Illumination: Studio ZNA Lights Up Chanel Exhibit

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Project Highlights

V&A Exhibition Curator: Oriole Cullen
V&A Exhibition Project Curators: Connie Karol Burks & Stephanie Wood
Exhibition Design: Storey Studio
Lighting Design: Studio ZNA (Zerlina Hughes and Saumya Monga)
Graphic Design: The Bon Ton
AV Software Production: Luke Halls Studio
Sound Design: Coda to Coda
Contractor: Setworks
AV Hardware: Blue Elephant
Graphics Production: Omni Graphics
Technical Project Management
and Quantity Surveyor: Focus Consultants

Studio ZNA, renowned for their innovative lighting designs, has crafted a breathtaking spectacle for the ‘Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto’ exhibition at the prestigious V&A in South Kensington, London. This groundbreaking showcase, running until March 10, 2024, marks the UK’s inaugural exhibition dedicated to the iconic French couturière, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.

A Symphony of Light and Fashion

Partnering closely with exhibition designers Storey Studio, Studio ZNA’s vision unfolds within the V&A’s expansive Sainsbury Gallery. Within this vast space, visitors are transported through the evolution of Chanel’s design ethos, a journey illuminated by meticulously crafted lighting landscapes.

Embracing Timelessness: Design and Architecture

Underpinning the exhibition’s design is a meticulous attention to detail, capturing Chanel’s timeless elegance. From the iconic Rue Cambon staircase to the serene ambiance of La Pausa villa, every setting reflects Chanel’s dual appreciation for opulence and restraint. Storey Studio’s design ethos echoes this sentiment, infusing each space with purity of line and a timeless aesthetic.

Crafting Moments of Brilliance

Studio ZNA’s lighting orchestrates a journey through time, subtly shifting from dawn to dusk, seamlessly blending exterior and interior worlds. Each section of the exhibition is bathed in a unique luminosity, enhancing the allure of Chanel’s creations. Standout features include the mesmerizing glow of The Perfume Room and the ethereal chandelier illuminating the eveningwear area.

A Choreography of Light and Fashion

Navigating through a treasure trove of Chanel’s iconic pieces, Studio ZNA’s lighting choreography adds depth and dynamism to the exhibition. Synchronized with audiovisual elements, the lighting breathes life into each display, from subtle evocations to captivating fashion theatrics.


As visitors immerse themselves in the ‘Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto’ exhibition, Studio ZNA’s lighting design emerges as a defining element, seamlessly intertwining with Storey Studio’s architectural vision. Together, they illuminate not just Chanel’s timeless creations but also her enduring legacy, ensuring her influence continues to captivate audiences for generations to come.

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