Chabot’s Dream Home: Where Playfulness Meets Chic Living

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Project Highlights

Project Name: Atelier Chabot
Location: Plateau-Mont-Royal
Client: Private
Designer: Indee Design
Project Manager: Florence Charron

AGC Engineer Construction
Project Sector: Residential, Single-Family Home
Project Date: 2020-2023
Photographer : Caroline Thibault

A Creative Vision by Indee Design

Indee Design, led by the visionary Florence Charron, proudly introduces ATELIER CHABOT, a captivating playhouse designed for both kids and adults in the heart of Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal. The studio took on the challenge of converting a duplex into a single-family home, weaving elements of travel and childhood dreams into every corner.

Redefining Space with Moroccan Inspiration

Originally constrained and somber, the two-story house underwent a metamorphosis inspired by Moroccan riads. Breaking traditional codes while preserving key elements like beams and brick walls, Florence strategically placed the living room at the center, creating a unique circulation reminiscent of world travels.

Radical Transformation for Playful Living

Indee Design’s intervention was nothing short of radical. Breaking down partitions, introducing a vertical circulation space, and relocating the focal point to the living room, the transformation aimed for alignment and geometric perfection. The use of transparent perforated steel panels for stairs, catamaran net, and slide landing brought in an essence of perfect geometry.

Unveiling a World of Playfulness and Light

Beyond a standard house, ATELIER CHABOT redefines space. Playful elements like a rock-climbing wall and a slide connecting the catamaran net to the kitchen add unexpected joy for both adults and children. The play of light throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset, enhances the aesthetic appeal, utilizing noble local materials and introducing a range of colors through carefully selected materials like perforated steel and navy blue ceramics.

A Whimsical Haven with a Unique Character

In conclusion, ATELIER CHABOT stands as a testament to Indee Design’s commitment to creating a refined, modern, and personalized space filled with history. The blend of noble materials, innovative design, and playful elements brings forth a unique character that transcends traditional notions of home design. Step into this whimsical haven, where every corner tells a story, and every detail invites you to embrace the joys of childhood and the wonders of the world.

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