Central Feature at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 / by Gerry Judah

The latest sculpture by Gerry Judah for the Central Feature at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 displays five Formula One cars chosen to celebrate Bernie Ecclestone’s career and involvement in Grand Prix racing.

Each car has a link to a different aspect of Bernie Ecclestone’s career, such as the Connaught, for which he was entered as driver in two F1 races in the 1958 season, and the championship-winning Brabham, from the period when he was Brabham team owner. The other cars in this year’s Central Feature are a Lotus, Ferrari and Mercedes, reflecting his time in Formula 1 management, which culminated as F1 chief executive.

Thirty-five metres high
Four thousand man hours to fabricate
Five hundred bolts
Three hundred tonne capacity crane to put it up
Sixty-five tonnes total weight
Twenty people to fabricate
Sixteen tonnes heaviest base segment
Eight steel box sections
Eight people to erect on site
Six weeks to fabricate and install
Five Formula One cars
Three cranes needed for assembly
Two weeks to take down

Design & Production : GERRY JUDAH
Engineering : DIALES
Fabrication & Installation : LITTLEHAMPTON WELDING
Photography : DAVID BARBOUR

Gerry Judah FRBS
+44 (0)7831 464360


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