Cabrón Restaurant: Authentic Interior by PPT Interiorismo

A Bold and Authentic Mexican Atmosphere

Nestled in Madrid’s vibrant Salamanca neighborhood, the Cabrón restaurant stands out as a lively and casual Mexican grill. Designed by the Barcelona-based studio PPT Interiorismo, this two-storey restaurant offers an immersive experience that teleports you straight to the heart of Mexico. The design, overseen by Helena Puig and her team, embraces strong, warm colors and graphic elements, all while avoiding cultural clichés. The space exudes authenticity and vibrancy, ensuring that every visit feels like a quick escape to Mexico.

Ground Floor: A Play of Colors and Comfort

As you step into Cabrón, you’re immediately greeted by large natural cacti that evoke the Mexican countryside. The ground floor is dominated by a monochrome orange-red color scheme, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere. The bar, a standout feature, is covered with bright ceramic tiles in a striking Klein blue, illuminated by perimeter LED lights. This bold choice provides a perfect contrast to the predominant orange and sets the tone for the entire space.

Seating arrangements are thoughtfully designed to cater to all preferences. High and low chairs, stools, and benches offer versatile options, while a large perimeter bench upholstered in ethnic fabrics adds a touch of cultural flair. The round tables, featuring a pattern of blue and white stripes, are paired with contemporary chairs, while other tables boast a sleek black marble finish. This careful selection ensures comfort and style for all guests.

Artistic Flair: Tato Reppeto’s Daring Touch

The artistic vision of Tato Reppeto further enhances Cabrón’s interior. His custom-made posters, hanging prominently next to the bar, bring a burst of color and daring motifs reminiscent of the most villainous aspects of Mexican culture. These graphic elements are both bold and playful, adding an edgy vibe to the restaurant.

A large group table, with a stainless steel top and ethnic solid wood chairs, is illuminated by a horizontal pendant lamp from Santa & Cole. This area is perfect for social gatherings, blending industrial elements with warm, ethnic touches. The combination of different materials and styles creates a dynamic and inviting space that encourages guests to linger and enjoy.

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The Warm and Eclectic Basement

The basement of Cabrón compensates for its lack of natural light with a very warm and cozy atmosphere. Colored LED lighting plays a crucial role here, accentuating the rough grey walls and making the warm shade of orange pop. The methacrylate bar is another bright focal point, drawing guests in with its glow.

The furniture in the basement is an eclectic mix, featuring stainless steel pieces, black chairs, a plush red velvet bench, and vintage-style armchairs. This variety adds depth and character to the space, making it feel both intimate and lively. The toilet area, monochrome in a strong pink, is a design marvel in itself. A large mural by Tato Reppeto, depicting a cheetah alebrije and abstract shapes, injects a spicy and colorful touch. A neon sign with the phrase “Cabrón el que lo lea” (Bastard who reads it) on a floor-to-ceiling mirror promises fun, Instagram-worthy moments for patrons.

Collaborators and Final Touches

The successful execution of Cabrón’s design is a collaborative effort. The building company G y C ensured the structural integrity, while Melon Yubari’s graphic design added visual cohesion. The gastronomic consultancy Anson & Bonet provided expert advice to complete the restaurant’s concept, and photographer Enric Badrinas captured the vibrant essence of Cabrón.

PPT Interiorismo, under Helena Puig’s leadership, has once again proven their expertise in creating unique and memorable spaces. Cabrón is more than just a restaurant; it’s a curated experience that combines bold design, cultural authenticity, and a touch of playful rebellion. Whether you’re there for the tacos or the ambiance, Cabrón promises a dining experience like no other. For more information about PPT Interiorismo, visit their official website.

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