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Located at Hall 2 in the second-floor atrium of the Fusen Mall, Chengdu, China, the store has an outstanding and recognizable location. The renovation aims to bring a brand new experience for more users.

Brand Story

The roots of BWT can be traced back to 200 years ago in a beautiful town in Schriesheim, Germany. As an acronym for the three words “Best”, “Water” and “Technology”, BWT clearly expresses its mission and ambition in water purification technology. During its 200-year development, BWT has been dedicated to the well-being of human beings. With full passion and vitality, BWT has continuously challenged the wider and more complex water purification field to ensure healthy water and to improve life quality for global residents.

I. Water philosophy in the East and the West

Water is the source of the world, which is the consensus of the East and the West.

The Greek philosopher Thales determines that “water is the first principle of everything”. And water is spiritual, permeating everything in the universe. Thus he believes that “all things are full of gods and god is that mind which shaped and created all things from water; it is through the fundamental water that the movement of the universe is directed by the divine power.”

The flexibility and rhythm of water are integrated into the space, conveying that everything comes from water and, finally, that everything goes back to water.

In ancient Chinese philosophy, water is also an essential existence. Lao Tzu wrote in the Laws Divine and Human (Tao Te Ching): “The highest good is like water. It benefits everything without taking or contending. Water likes the places where men dislike, so it follows closely the divine law.”

Inspired by the philosophy of water, the spirituality of water and its character of benefiting all things are extracted to bring different space functional changes and visual perceptions, presenting highly creative and differentiated scenes.

Water can purify all things. Blue and white are used as the theme color of the space, where the blue water pattern makes the modern space soft and flexible.

II. BWT’s water purification philosophy

Water, the source of life, is a limited resource. BWT is committed to the sustainability of water resources and has cutting-edge expertise, innovative manufacturing technology, and high-quality products.

Inspired by the magnesium ions in BWT’s unique patented technology, the exhibition installation has a shape similar to a capsule, which is surrounded by black annular surfaces. When it appears as a whole, the black color fades away naturally, so that people’s sight falls on the capsule-like object, becoming the visual focus of the space.

The multi-mirrors allow customers to explore the space from multiple dimensions and angles. The application of light bars creates a sense of modern technology and guides the visiting sight. Besides, the water patterned partition divides the different function areas while adding spirituality and vitality to the entire space.

III. Design Thoughts

Things appear in different shapes in different states. The polymorphism of water gives the space more possibilities for creativity. In the process of building the space, the extraction of design elements and the expression of materials directly influence the completion of the space. So, the challenge given by nature is how to combine natural products in the process of creation.

Project name | BWT Showroom
Project address | Fusen Mall, Chengdu,China
Project area | 120 m²
Design time | 2021.09
Completion time | 2021.12
Design team | DHB DESIGN (
The main designer | Mark Sun, Han YI
Participate in design | Tingting Peng, Wei Liu
Photography| 404NF STUDIO

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