Blue Lake-Lakeside Teahouse: Nature’s Architectural Revival

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Project Information

Name: Blue Lake-Lakeside Teahouse
Location: Beijing, China
Client: Beijing Blue Lake Catering Management Company
Area: Indoor 340??Outdoor 170?
Design Date: Sept. 2021
Completion Date: Mar.2023

Interior Design :YI+MU Design Office
Soft Decoration Design: YI+MU Design Office
Chief Designers: Yi Chen,Muchen Zhang
Design Team: Wujie Li, Zhiqiang Yang, Yi Xiao ,Yanrong Yang, Xu Zhang, Wei Zeng

Constructor: Beijing Huitengjiansheng Decoration Engineering Co. ,Ltd
Materials: White Oak?White Oak Flooring?Wood Grille?Bamboo Wood Flooring?Texture Paint?Black Steel?Grey Tile?Grey Slate?Grey Gravel
Original Architectural Design: Luca Nichetto
Photography: YI+MU Design Office
Copywriting: Narjeeling

Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency

A Remarkable Revival of Decade-Old Architecture

In the heart of Beijing, nestled within the enchanting Lidu Garden, the Blue Lake-Lakeside Teahouse has undergone a breathtaking transformation at the skilled hands of YI+MU Design Office. This architectural gem, which had lost some of its former allure, has been reborn with a renewed identity that harmonizes with its serene surroundings.

When YI+MU first took on the challenge of renovating this space, they were faced with a building that had lost its charm as a teahouse. The aging structure featured a sunken ground, a web of copper tubes, and an atmosphere that felt dark and cramped. Originally designed by Italian architect Luca Nichetto in 2013, the teahouse had strayed from its original purpose and needed a fresh perspective to revive its identity.

Architecture Melds Seamlessly with Nature

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Blue Lake-Lakeside Teahouse is its hidden location within Lidu Garden. To reach this oasis of tranquility, visitors must traverse a winding path, passing by lush greenery and a serene lake. The journey to the teahouse itself becomes part of the experience, allowing emotions to unfold and anticipation to build.

YI+MU‘s design aimed to seamlessly integrate the teahouse with its natural surroundings. By elevating the ground level and extending it outward, they created a gentle separation between the public area and the main structure. The addition of a two-meter platform, adorned with French windows and wooden grating, further enhances the connection between the teahouse and its idyllic setting. It’s as if the teahouse is a floating island, perfectly in tune with the garden’s aesthetics.

Illuminating the Spirit with Natural Light

Architecture, in its essence, embodies the spirit of a place. In the case of the lakeside teahouse, this spirit is closely intertwined with nature. To infuse the space with natural light, YI+MU opened the central roof, banishing the darkness that once shrouded the interior. They also introduced a vertical core tube that accommodates a staircase, transforming the original stair space into two sets of private compartments.

Five longitudinal windows now frame the building’s facade, allowing the vibrant natural light to permeate every corner. This interplay of light and shadow connects the structure, its visitors, and the surrounding nature, creating a harmonious blend.

Embracing Tradition in a Modern Interior

The concept of teahouses has a rich history spanning over a thousand years, and YI+MU honors this tradition with a contemporary twist. The interior of the Blue Lake-Lakeside Teahouse exudes simplicity and coziness, with a color palette dominated by beige, gray, and wood tones. Steel columns provide the structural framework, while solid wood fencing both divides and connects the space.

The staircase, with its unique design, adds character to the teahouse. A concave grille creates a feng shui barrier, subtly defining the space between the front and rear entrances. Wire mesh lamps hang gracefully from the ceiling, casting intricate shadows, and a spacious seating area on the second floor serves as an exhibition space.

At the terrace, YI+MU retained the original skylight, transforming it into a glass tea pavilion surrounded by the lush canopies of Lidu Garden. This space celebrates the changing seasons, welcoming visitors in search of both liveliness and a deep connection to Chinese culture.


The Blue Lake-Lakeside Teahouse, lovingly restored by YI+MU Design Office, is a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity, nature and architecture. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, YI+MU has breathed new life into this architectural gem, allowing it to stand as a symbol of the city’s past, present, and future. The lakeside teahouse beckons visitors to experience the transcendental beauty of tea, offering a serene escape within the bustling heart of Beijing.

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