BLG Haibi Terrace: Culinary Magic & Coastal Living

Culinary Magic Sparks Urban Renewal

BLG Haibi Terrace, a sprawling 600-square-meter space, has redefined urban renewal in Qinhuangdao. What was once merely a restaurant has evolved into a vibrant landmark, catalyzing a real estate boom in this third-tier city. BLG’s innovative approach ties dining experiences with property sales, creating a unique model where patrons become neighbors with Chef Peter. The magic lies in the fusion of gastronomy and real estate, turning Haibi Terrace into a sought-after location along the Qinhuangdao coast.

Architectural Marvel: Haibi Terrace Project

Located in the prime sea-view golden zone, the Haibi Terrace Project is a masterpiece of design by Moshe Safdie. The architectural innovation includes L-shaped buildings, towers, row houses, and commercial spaces. BLG French Restaurant, designed and constructed by TANZO during the pandemic, adds cultural value to the overall real estate plan. It breathes life into Haibi Terrace, offering a new way of living that aligns with Safdie’s vision of a habitat connecting people, architecture, and nature.

Ark on the Shore: Harmonizing Old and New

Drawing inspiration from Noah’s ark, BLG’s architectural design integrates a new structure within the old, creating a symbiotic relationship. This “parasitic” technique fosters ecological efficiency and brings forth new meaning in the juxtaposition of traditional and modern elements. The rounded surface, weathered by sea waves, encapsulates a sense of peace amidst chaos, nurturing a spiritual rebirth in the Bohai Bay.

Bar and Chef’s Domain: Unveiling Culinary and Coastal Charms

Descending through a black-and-white corridor to the bar, patrons are greeted by a charming French atmosphere, reminiscent of scenes frozen on the movie screen. The bar, with its glass wall overlooking the sea, creates a solidified connection with the beach, offering a unique experience of the “solidified sea.” Ascending to the second floor, the head chef’s domain unfolds—an intimate space open to the sea, where Southwest foie gras and Mediterranean oysters delight the senses.

Conclusion: A Symbiotic Haven of Warmth and Energy

BLG Haibi Terrace has become a thriving business and vacation community, maintaining its elegant vitality through seasonal changes. Its warm and symbiotic space, attracting diverse outsiders, has turned this restaurant into more than just a culinary destination. As the story of BLG unfolds, Haibi Terrace continues to be a fervent haven, with each chapter written by the enthusiastic owner and the countless individuals who find solace and vibrancy within its walls.

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