Biodynamic Marvel: Innovative Wine Press in Crouttes-sur-Marne

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Crouttes-sur-Marne, a charming gateway to the Champagne region, recently witnessed the unveiling of an exceptional project that merges traditional winemaking with biodynamic viticulture. Champagne Bourgeois Diaz, the driving force behind this venture, has successfully constructed a state-of-the-art wine press and a captivating wine-tourism room atop an existing vinification cellar. This remarkable achievement was recognized with the prestigious 2nd prize in the Regional Wood Construction Prize, bestowed on May 12, 2023. Let us explore the significance and features of this captivating addition to the estate.

Harnessing Gravity: A Symbolic Wine Press

The new wine press assumes a profound symbolic role in the estate’s commitment to biodynamic viticulture. Situated above the vinification cellar, it replaces an unremarkable garden and enables winemakers to embrace a gravity-based winemaking process, eliminating the need for pumps. This innovative approach respects the natural rhythm and essence of biodynamic winemaking, becoming a testament to the winemaker’s dedication.

Uniting Winemaking and Tourism

In line with the estate’s vision of wine tourism, a remarkable hall has been crafted to serve as a focal point for visitors and customers. This captivating space seamlessly blends the winemaking process with the experience of the winegrower’s artistry. Visitors can witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating the perfect blend, showcasing the essence of Champagne.

The Harmonious Design

Reflecting the essence of biodynamic winemaking and the art of blending, the wine-tourism hall boasts a captivating mushroom-shaped structure. Its balance is further accentuated by the intricate arrangement of purlins, symbolizing the multiplicity inherent in the blending process. The grandeur of the hall is complemented by wooden vaults formed by interconnected porticos, providing a shelter for the winemaking activity within. Natural lighting permeates the space through a horizontal peripheral strip and zenithal light, emanating from the center of the wooden structures.

An Environmental Oasis

Aligned with the client’s biodynamic principles, the project adheres to stringent environmental standards. The structure’s low load requirements allowed for the use of local materials. The technical characteristics and proximity of the supply chain made poplar an ideal choice for the construction. The insulation consists of a combination of wood wool, wood fiber, and cellulose wadding. The wine-tourism room’s flooring showcases oak strips sourced from French sawmill waste.

To maintain a sustainable approach, the external cladding utilizes local chestnut acquired from nearby sawmills. The wine-tourism room is equipped with double-flow ventilation and a pellet stove, ensuring comfort throughout the year. A dual rainwater recovery system caters to sanitary facilities and biodynamic mixes. Additionally, the various roof levels serve as multipurpose gardens, facilitating biodynamic practices, regulating temperature, and managing rainwater—an embodiment of the project’s commitment to a low-carbon future.


Champagne Bourgeois Diaz’s visionary project in Crouttes-sur-Marne encapsulates the perfect fusion of traditional winemaking, biodynamic viticulture, and sustainable construction practices. The awe-inspiring wine press and wine-tourism room exemplify the harmonious integration of nature and craftsmanship. This venture not only demonstrates the commitment to excellence but also sets a new standard for environmentally conscious wine production. With its accolades and remarkable features, this project stands as a testament to the intersection of tradition, innovation, and sustainability in the world of winemaking.

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PROGRAMME: Construction of a wine press and a wine-tourism room on top of an existing wine-making cellar.
LOCATION: Crouttes-sur-Marne (France)
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Champagne Bourgeois Diaz
DELIVERY: October 2022
USEFUL AREA: 459 sq. metres
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Architect: Thierry BONNE – Concrete/Wood Engineer: INGEBA – Exé Wood Engineer: Zelleck
PHOTO CREDITS: Philippe Dureuil
PLANS: Thierry Bonne Architecte

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