Best Printer for Business

Printers remain an essential piece of equipment for any business. Regardless of the size or scope of your organization or your efforts to be paperless and fully digital, you’re going to need a printer. But which is the best printer for business in Fairbanks, AK? The answer depends on the following:

Printing Needs
You’ve got basically two types of printer technologies to choose from: laser and inkjet. Both can work for business and the nature of the printing you do will point you in the right direction. In general, the following are true:

  • Laser printers are best for heavy document printing. Their text quality is phenomenal, as is their speed and cost per page. If you’re doing a lot of black and white text printing, laser is the way to go.
  • Inkjets are best for color graphics. If you’re printing needs lean heavily towards color graphics or if photo-quality images are what you need, inkjet is the answer. Laser cannot compete with the color richness and clarity of inkjet printers.

If you’re somewhere in between, needing some color and some black and white, and your volumes of either aren’t heavy, you can really go either way. The leading manufacturers like Canon, HP, and EPSON, offer excellent business printers in both inkjet and laser options.

Budget Needs
You can find business printers at every price point. When examining a printer’s cost, look at the following:

  • Upfront purchase cost. Laser printers usually cost more upfront than inkjets. Different features such as duplex printing, large capacity paper trays, and document feeders can add to the cost. It’s worth considering exactly what you need so you don’t pay for features that will go unused.
  • Ink and toner costs. Ink and toner are not cheap. In fact, many printer companies heavily discount the machine cost and make up for it on higher ink and toner costs, so beware of inexpensive machines. It’s helpful to use price per page to compare printing costs across different models.
  • Maintenance costs. Printers require maintenance, and some need more than others. Talk to your office supply team about what you can expect to keep your machine functioning at its best.

Another major factor in determining the right printer is connectivity. Network printers require a physical wired connection to devices, while Wi-Fi/wireless printers can print from any device connected to the same wireless network. Each has its own pros and cons. Networked printers are secure and reliable. Wireless printers can be hacked or used by unauthorized users and jobs often drop when the network is busy or unstable. That said, they are flexible, portable, and can be used from phones, tablets, and more.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right printer requires a detailed look at your printing needs. Talk to your office machine supplier today about the latest machines on the market today and how they can help improve your productivity and streamline your workflows.

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