Best Moving And Packing Tips For Your Next Move

Are you overwhelmed about moving and packing for the new place? Does your current house seem too crowded, and you have no idea how to make more space for your new stuff? That is the time when you think about getting a bigger palace and start afresh.

Although easier said than done, moving involves much work. You might be overwhelmed by just thinking about all the packing and tasks involved in the process. Or you have already started packing your stuff, but now it is all a mess with boxes everywhere. Well, all you need at the moment is a few pointed tips to do your packing and moving more comfortable and quicker. Remember, this is a critical time to connect with your family, so engage each member in this task. The more the people, the easier it will be to pack.

Following are the best moving and packing tips for your next move:

1. Mark Your Calendar

Hang a big calendar on one of the lounge’s walls and add all the essential tasks on the days they need to be done. Also, create a daily checklist in your diary or phone to do the day’s tasks accordingly. Avoid procrastination and make sure you are on top of things.

2. Storage

You can find cartons at the nearby liquor store or a mart. Get smaller boxes for bulky items so that they are easy to load and unload. For fragile items, use bubble wrap or storage blankets. For packing liquids, use plastic to tighten their caps and then put them in plastic bags before packing them straight in the boxes. If you do not have enough space for your things, then it’s best to look for storage options. If you live near Solana-beach, California, then 5starstorage is your best bet. They provide climate-controlled self storage options for your moving needs.

3. Set The Budget

Moving can get super expensive, and it is better to do everything under the budget. Thus, write down all the things that would need the money and call around the services to know their packages. This way, you will know your best options under your budget.

4. Declutter

The key to packing and moving more accessible and faster is looking at everything that you own. Take out for donation and sale, whatever you are not going to use in your new place. You will be shocked at the clutter you own once things are in place, its easier to pack.

5. Update Your Address

Change your house address at your bank, utilities, and work at least a week before to avoid any last-minute delays. If you are ordering something a couple of days before moving, order it on your new address. Also, send your family and friends your new address.

6. Pack Essentials Separately

Ask everyone to pack their bag in which put everything you might need in the first two days at your new place. Buy travel-sized toiletries for the first couple of days to make things more comfortable at the beginning.

7. Do Not Lose Your Documents In The process

Whenever you move, you lose and break a couple of things here and there. However, be extra careful with your documents. Store them at a safe and reachable space when you begin to pack and then pack them last in a container that will stay with you while moving. It’s better to pack them in a transparent plastic box.

8. Call Your Family And Friends For A Favor

A week before moving, call your family and friends whom you know can manage some free time to help you in moving to a new place. Also, once you have moved, be generous and order in the food and drinks for them.


With the help of the tips mentioned above, you will have a hassle-free move. It’s better to plan out things beforehand then take stress at the last minute. Also, once you have moved, do not forget to celebrate and relax!

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