Best Materials to Utilise in Home Building for 2018

2018 is here and you’re looking at building your home – either from scratch or you’re just adding to your current home. But what are the best materials to use and why?

You’ll find out about the best materials to build a conservatory, a family room extension and an entirely new home. From roofing to soft-play, to shipping containers – yes, you did read that right.

Time to find out what the heck these three have in common, so get reading and enjoy.


Conservatories are a lovely feature to add to your home, but on a more money-orientated side of things, they also add a lot of value to a house when selling. Although this may not be on your mind, for now, it’s always pleasant to know that an investment into an extension could end up making you profit in the future – should you decide to sell up.

A great roofing material for conservatories is thick plastic sheeting. You can purchase plastic cut to size from Simply Plastics, where you’ll also learn the strengths of their plastic and their weather resistance. Hence, one of the reasons it’s so great for your conservatory roof.

Family room extension

Family rooms are a great place to enjoy a little company and play with your children. Building an additional room specifically for this will allow your kids the freedom to have toys over the floor, without worrying about visitors tripping.

Of course, you’ll have to nag them to tidy up every now and then, but it’s better than having toys scattered around your home. Now, it’s a fun idea to cover the interior walls with ‘soft play’ mats.

Giving them an area they can bang into walls and run around, without you worrying that they’ll hurt themselves. Soft play mats can be found on Amazon, eBay and most kids stores. Not to mention, the extra padding will prove handy for getting some peace from the screaming kids, because they should offer some soundproofing.

It’s a win-win! Additionally, you could have a giant ball pit in there (also for adults because we can have fun too!).

Building your home from scratch

Whether you’re on a budget – which most of us are – or not, building a home from scratch is going to be costly. However, you can save money by utilising old shipping containers!

Obviously, this is a building material that’s rather unconventional, but it offers a ton of benefits (if done properly). For example, check out these homes built entirely from shipping containers.

It’s actually becoming quite the trend and in 2018 it could become a common occurrence to see shipping crate homes scattered about your neighbourhood.


Have you used any of these building materials?

It would be interesting to hear your stories about home building! Maybe you’re living in a shipping container yourself, or have a relative who does. If so, pictures would be even better to see in the comments.

Enjoy the process of building or extending your home and best of wishes.

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