Bernal Heights Residence by SB Architects

Detailed-description of Bernal Heights Residence from SB Architects:
The design concept was driven by the micro-features of the site and the desire to create a contemporary design expression that was rooted in Northern California architectural and sustainable ideals. The goal for this project was to seize a unique zoning opportunity to build a new home on a desirable but never developed corner site in a dense San Francisco neighborhood. The naturally sloping site inspired the idea of a focal stair core wrapped by private areas. Locating the main living spaces on the top floor afforded dramatic views of the San Francisco skyline and garnered abundant natural light lessening the need for electricity. The corner location and internal spacial organization created an exterior expression that broke free of horizontal restraints to create a blend of strong horizontal and vertical lines punctuated by a cantilevered roof.

Location: San Francisco, California
Size: 2,100 sq. ft.

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