Bermuda-Inspired Feng Shui: London’s Architectural Tale

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Align Design and Architecture has weaved a mesmerizing 11,000 sq ft story for a global insurance company nestled in the heart of the City of London. Beyond the glass-and-steel façade, this high-spec scheme dances with influences from the Bermuda breeze and the ancient art of Feng Shui. Let’s take a stroll through the corridors of creativity where architecture meets cultural resonance.

Architectural Alchemy

The architects at Align took a blank canvas, a standard Cat A space, and painted a picture inspired by Bermuda’s vibrant hues. From the rippling glass to the dragon’s tail corridors, each element whispers tales of the island’s natural wonders. The bespoke fixtures, the stalactite-inspired lights – they’re not just design choices, but love letters to Bermuda’s landscapes.

Feng Shui Chronicles

Align Design and Architecture didn’t just stop at aesthetics; they delved into the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. The South whispers creativity, the Southeast hums prosperity, the North sings success, and the East, with its health and growth vibes, welcomes you at the reception. Every nook and cranny aligns with the Feng Shui compass, softening edges and curves that guide the energy flow.

Functionality with Flair

The brief was crystal clear – two separate office areas, shared meeting facilities, and a touch of wellness. Align Design and Architecture embraced the challenge, sculpting a space where functionality meets finesse. From open-plan offices to meeting rooms named after Bermuda’s coves, each space has a purpose and a touch of Bermudian charm.

Bermuda in Every Detail

Haroulla Georgiou, an Associate at Align, spills the beans on the design journey. The blues and sandy shades, the timber nods to Bermuda’s nature, and the bespoke lighting reminiscent of Crystal Caves – it’s an architectural ode to an island. The reception area with its seashell-inspired curves and the semi-circular terrarium housing Bermuda’s green secrets – every detail is a brushstroke on Bermuda’s canvas.


Align Design and Architecture didn’t just create an office; they crafted an experience. The corridors, a canvas of drama with their Feng Shui dragon’s-tail shape, lead us to meeting rooms named after Bermuda’s gems. The breakout space, a splash of sea blue, and the zen Studio with its breathtaking views – it’s more than an office; it’s a voyage into Bermuda’s essence in the heart of London.

In a world of glass towers, Align Design and Architecture dared to infuse Bermuda vibes and Feng Shui magic, creating not just a workplace but an architectural symphony where London’s skyline meets the spirit of an island paradise.

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