Bamboo Art Pavilion / by Akasha


Bamboo is very common in Vietnam and other tropical countries as well. Bamboo is free self-element by mean of anti- manipulation processing, but difficult of construction. In Vietnam our local great masters had knowed and transfered a best simple detail of connecting them together by only a short bamboo sticks.


The length, weight and form of bamboo are so particular in comparision with other natural materials, they identified a creational processing for bamboo itself and maintaining a huge inspiration from primitive .

We, an young architects and students with local minority man, had worked together by recreating a simple constructional joint of bamboo with a new concept of contemporary requirements. A space for art and performance were built up in the small land property of the MUONG minority museum ,an unique private museum in Hoa Binh city, 80 kilometers to the west of Hanoi capital.


The main idea is how to highlight an hidden values of bamboo and easy way for everyone to buid by hands only, and saving a cost as well cause we have no budget for. Generally, the construction is designed from quality of natural lighting effect and vertical bamboo ladder form, a very popular home tool, in whole composition. Here , we transferred a simple structure of bamboo with an intercourse of hands and ancient skills. As a result, a skeleton with 3D connection is a best solution, so a space is freely manipulated by bamboo symphony with concept : wall as an open roof – a primitive sign. Other key is skylight, it makes shining of bamboo elements from inside and well function for art exhibitions at the same time.


Here, bamboo with emty space is creating a new void-heart ! visit: for more understanding about the MUONG museum. Support : artist Vu Duc Hieu, director of the MUONG minority museum

Company: Akasha
Lead Designer : akasa
Design Team: o anh quan nguyen ngoc diep
Category: Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture

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