Androsky Lugo: Trending Eco-Friendly Architectural Trends for 2022

Award-winning architect Androsky Lugo has long put a premium on eco-friendly architecture as he encourages clients and fellow designers to ensure their projects are not only visually appealing but also sustainable. As eco-friendly architecture becomes increasingly common, Lugo offers insight into eco-friendly architectural and design trends for 2022.

Tiny Homes

The McMansions that were popular in times past are no longer nearly as appealing as they once were. Rather, many aspiring homeowners are ditching the idea of having a large, spacious home in favor of a tiny home. These homes come in a range of styles and sizes; many have a simple yet elegant style that blends well with nature; others, such as the Cube 1, look like something one would see in a science fiction movie.

Tiny homes typically consume far less water and electricity than normal homes. Large windows let in ample natural light to further reduce energy bills while giving a home a bright, cheery appearance. They are particularly popular in rural areas where cheap land provides a person living in a tiny home with ample space to walk around and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Increased Use of Eco-Friendly Building Materials

As Androsky Lugo rightly points out, about 5% of all global carbon dioxide emissions created by human activity come from the manufacturing of concrete, the main ingredient found in cement. Thankfully, many developers, construction companies, and consumers are becoming aware of the harm this does to the environment and are turning their attention to eco-friendly alternatives. Clay (also known as adobe) absorbs carbon dioxide instead of releasing it. Recycled plastic is another material of choice, especially in the construction of tiny houses and 3D printed homes. Bamboo, which is available in abundance and is actually a type of grass, not a wood, is a popular flooring option, as is natural stone. Both materials are great alternatives to wood, thus preventing deforestation in the United States and abroad.

Solar Paneling

Solar power experts predict that, in the coming years, the cost of solar paneling will decrease as homeowner interest in the trend picks up steam. The concept of net-zero housing that doesn’t hurt the environment is becoming increasingly popular, which is good news to Androsky Lugo. He notes that solar energy can not only power just about any type of structure or building but also generate extra energy that can be passed on to other consumers, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels and limiting the harmful negative effect they have on the environment.

Androsky Lugo encourages anyone who is concerned about the planet to look for ways to make their homes and lives more sustainable. Eco-friendly design and living don’t have to be expensive; in fact, sustainable building and living often cheaper than other alternatives. What’s more, this lifestyle offers long-term satisfaction by making it possible for individuals to connect with nature and take concrete action to help the local environment by reducing pollution and the unnecessary use of limited natural resources.

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