An Overview Of Microcement – Types, Benefits, Price & Application


Microcement is a cement-based decorative, composite coating. It also contains additives, mineral pigments, water-based resins and is useful on many interiors as well as exterior surfaces. It can be applied on floors, ceilings, and walls, the most advantageous aspect is that it does not need joints. Additionally, it looks like normal concrete but can be at a very low cost. It comes in many colours, textures, and designs.

Types of Microcement

There are 5 types and the ideal one for you is based on the effect you want to achieve on the surface and your requirements.

MicroBase: If you are looking for a rustic finish for your walls and floors then this type of Microcement can be used. The MicroBase has an irregular texture but can be used as a base for preparing it for other types of finishes.

MicroStone: It is the ideal choice for exterior surfaces especially floors as it can withstand high foot and vehicular traffic. This thick texture is non-slippery and makes the surface look like a stone and has an even colour.

MicroFino: This type of Microcement is good as a coating for walls as it provides a fine finish. Using this provides a fine texture and after finishing it offers a watermark effect on the wall.

MicroDeck: This type of cement is mostly used on floors and is known for its resistance to traffic. It offers authentic flooring which is strong but medium-textured.

Acquacement: This cement is mostly used in coating the walls and surface of swimming pools and ponds as they are resistant to chlorine and salt.

Advantages of using Microcement

This type of cement coating has many benefits over the polished based ones and hence it is the most common choice of people in the construction industry. Some of the advantages of Microcement are:

Variety of Finishes: The coatings come in many unique finishes, unlike other coatings. Many companies offer customizable finishes that help to get the pattern you desire. To get an idea of products that give you a stunning finish, is a good place to start. These finishes can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces and also those without any joints. These can also be handcrafted to get a personal touch.

Saves resources: When this coating is applied on the floors, the maximum depth it reaches is 5mm. Another important advantage of microcement is there is no need to remove the old surface. That means it can be applied on the existing surface and hence a major cost saver. It has high adhesion power and hence covers tile, concrete, plaster, marble, etc. The whole process of applying is simple, requires no specialized tools and hence time-saving.

Durable: A Microcement coating is resistant to abrasions and the topping is almost crack-free. When it is applied on a stable surface it does not contract or shrink under any weather conditions. It is also resistant to harsh chemicals.

Waterproof: This cement coating offers a water-proof finish and is non-slip. Moreover, it is impermeable and that means water does not seep into the surface damaging it. This makes it ideal for use in kitchens, swimming pools, and bathrooms.

Environment-friendly: These are made from natural materials and are extremely environment-friendly. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy and just need water. That ensures the surface is germ and bacteria-free.

Price of Microcement Placement

The price is dependent on many factors and also includes the installation cost, materials, operator’s cost, difficulty level, etc. There are three conditions necessary to get the best results and those are proper preparation for support; selecting the right product and choosing the professionals with good expertise.

How To Apply It?

The base layer is prepared so that it provides good support to the final layer of coating. Up to two layers of Microcement are applied along with the mesh to form the support structure. After that, two more layers of Microcement are applied as a base but the difference this time is that the needed colours and textures are added. This is what gives the final look. A protective layer which is a double coating of primer is applied. Later a water-proof sealer is applied to the final layer giving a unique look and feel.

A Microcement coating is the most popular product and is a combination of concrete and resin. It is attractive looking, durable, long-lasting and has low maintenance. The laying is also simple and hence inexpensive and time-saving. It can be used on many surfaces and thanks to its being impermeable it is also suited for high-humid places like bathrooms and kitchens. It is not only good-looking but also pocket-friendly.

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