Alternative Ideas for Your Garden Décor

Just like any room in your home, it’s common to get bored of your garden décor. Quite often, especially when we have young children, we stick to the same basic lawn and patio layout. However, there are many ways to make some changes to your décor without necessarily changing the whole design of your garden. Here are some of the best.

Railway Sleepers

Railways sleepers are large, chunky pieces of wood which can look incredibly cool in an outdoor space. You could use them to build large raised flower beds, walls, edgings, or to make rustic wooden furniture, as they are hardwearing and built to last.


Mirrors can make a welcome addition to a garden space. Especially if you have a smaller garden. They can create the optical illusion of a much larger area and give your garden extra depth. Large feature mirrors or smaller decorative mirrors with quirky frames can look fantastic outdoors.

Large Pots

Use large outdoor pots either as decorations on their own or to bed flowers and plants. Terracotta pots can look great and work well with other garden accessories. Other options include ceramic, metal, plain and patterned containers in all different shapes and sizes.

Indoor Inspiration

Indoor inspiration outdoors has become incredibly trendy over the last few years. Weatherproof, large bean bags and scatter cushions, as well as indoor planter set have been used to great effect. They give gardens a cosy and comfortable feel, which is perfect for summer barbeques and days relaxing in the sunshine. Make sure you have throws to hand and consider an outdoor heater and solar lights for extra comfort.


The use of colour outdoors is often restricted to plants and flowers. Why not try something bolder? Paint your fences and furniture bright, bold colours. This can add personality and style, make a small space look larger, and add depth to your garden.

Natural Boundaries

Instead of fences and walls, why not border your garden with bushes, trees, and high growing shrubbery. Bamboo is another option. These natural boundaries extend your garden and give it a magical woodland feel. They are certainly nicer to look at than a blank fence or wall. If you are worried that hedges take a lot of looking after and overgrow easily, don’t. There are some easy to manage options.

Feature Wall

Feature walls are another great indoor idea that can easily be brought outside. Feature walls allow you to be experimental with both colour and pattern. Add some life to your garden by adding a bold feature wall to one side. This could look especially good on the wall farthest from your home, so you are looking out towards it as soon as you step outside. An outdoor feature wall is brilliant for giving a shady area that doesn’t get much sunlight some attention and brightening it up.

You can have as much fun with your garden décor as you can indoors. There are so many options and no limits as to what you can do. Just remember to protect any furniture and woodwork against the weather and to keep everything safe and clean.

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