Alma Residence: Montreal’s Chic Urban Haven

Welcome to the Alma Residence, a dazzling transformation in the heart of Montreal, Canada, brought to life by Microclimat. Let’s take a peek into this architectural marvel that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

Tranquility Meets Contemporary Design

Microclimat’s Alma Residence is more than just a renovated duplex; it’s a serene oasis amidst the urban bustle. The restoration honors the duplex’s original facade while embracing contemporary connections elsewhere. This marriage of the old and new creates a living space that radiates tranquility, fulfillment, and an abundance of natural light—qualities essential for city living.

Perfect Harmony of Spaces

Balancing a dense program with comfortable living spaces was key for this project. The interplay between contracting and expanding spaces is evident throughout the house. The double-height kitchen serves as the heart of the home, seamlessly transitioning to the cozy, lower-ceiling living room, offering picturesque views of the backyard landscape.

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Innovative Design for Privacy and Comfort

Ingeniously positioned staircases along the party wall maintain spaciousness while ensuring living areas remain clutter-free. Bathed in soft light from a skylight, these staircases add a touch of elegance. The pièce de résistance? A master bedroom nestled in a new mezzanine, boasting an expansive bathroom and two terraces at the tree canopy level—truly a private sanctuary.

Embracing Uniqueness in Location

Alma Residence stands out proudly with its side courtyard, setting itself apart from its neighbors. While it might sacrifice surface area, it gains abundant natural light, a strong connection to the outdoors, and unparalleled privacy, making it a gem in the cityscape.

Materials that Speak Stories

Carefully curated surfaces and materials foster a warm and evolving dialogue with natural elements. From the enchanting light play in the kitchen to the intricate wood grain, shimmering effects on vaulted ceilings, and the interplay of light through curtains, every detail enriches the space, creating a harmonious haven.

Conclusion: A Bright Bubble of Comfort

Alma Residence defies urban challenges by encapsulating comfort and softness within the city’s heart. It embodies the core essence of architectural brilliance: crafting protective and delightful living spaces. Microclimat‘s Alma Residence isn’t just a home; it’s an urban sanctuary, inviting you to experience a slice of tranquil living in the midst of Montreal’s vibrancy.

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