Alexander Wong Architects Unveils ‘Futuristic Eden’ at UA Shenzhen Cinema

Futuristic Eden at UA Shenzhen Cinema by Alexander Wong Architects

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Hong Kong – 22nd December, 2010 – UA Shenzhen, designed by award-winning and internationally-recognised design firm Alexander Wong Architects, was officially opened in southern China this month. The innovative cinema complex, which is the first UA cinema in Shenzhen and the only so far to house an IMAX theatre, was designed to a unique sensual spatial ‘Futuristic Eden’ theme. This is the latest in a wide portfolio of UA complexes designed by Hong Kong-based Alexander Wong Architects, which is expert in thematic cinema design.

UA Shenzhen will provide an expanse of widely sought-after cinema facilities in the rapidly growing city, comprising 6 traditional cinemas, 1 V.I.P. cinema as well as the IMAX theatre. The vast cinema complex is located at the recently-completed KK Mall – a leading destination for entertainment and leisure facilities, as well as restaurants and trendy retail outlets. Alexander Wong Architects was appointed by UA to create an exciting and dynamic themed-design that will mirror the vibrancy of KK Mall, revolutionizing the cinema experience in Shenzhen and redefine the future of movie entertainment in the city.

Futuristic Eden at UA Shenzhen Cinema by Alexander Wong Architects

“Today going to the cinema is about so much more than simply the movie you watch. The entire experience should be exciting in every aspect; from arriving at the complex to leaving. That is something that UA have truly mastered, and the cinema’s design is a very big part of that. We aspire to realise a distinct theme in the interiors of each of our cinema projects, and that makes visiting them a different and invigorating experience each time,” said Alexander Wong, Founder and Director of Alexander Wong Architects.

Consistent with the signature style of Alexander Wong Architects, each theatre or space within UA Shenzhen is unique, yet connected through the overall design theme. The ‘Futuristic Eden’ theme epitomises the modern Shenzhen; sophistication infused with youthfulness and dynamism. The cinema interiors, inspired by the Garden of Eden, are defined by parametric and organic overtones. With every aspect of the design rooted in this striking concept, it provides a spatial experience that is sensual and seductive.

Futuristic Eden at UA Shenzhen Cinema by Alexander Wong Architects

“The ‘Futuristic Eden’ narrative is a concept that makes UA Shenzhen fresh and exciting, and appealing to all ages. The dramatic designs are defined by striking colours and subtle finishes, evoking a sense of vibrancy and seduction. This is accentuated by the lighting design, which achieves a stark contrast from one room to the next,” said Wong.

Entry into the UA complex is immediately compelling with a reflective diamond surface embossed with a giant UA Shenzhen logo. The cinema complex landscape is centred around the Crocodile Box Office and Pink Pink Bar. This open space is defined by the high ceilings and dim lighting, interrupted only by the brightness of the fluorescent confectionary stand. This stunning yet refined atmosphere sets the ambience for the ‘Futuristic Eden’ theme.

The design for the main attraction of UA Shenzhen, the IMAX theatre, is inspired by butterflies in a progression of the Garden of Eden concept. The theatre is characterised by shades of deep blue and is most visually striking in the form of butterfly patterns lining the walls. Outside, the Bar Chrysalis expands on the butterfly theme. The design alludes to the biological form of this beautiful creature before its exceptional transformation.

This concept of nature and primal beauty is continued across the common areas. A main walkway for patrons, the spacious Liquid Tunnel is evocative of outer space. Asymmetrical lights span the ceiling and walls to create the illusion that one is walking under the stars.

“Café Eden epitomises the notion of natural beauty within the design theme. The ‘living wall’ made up of faux greeneries sits below the ceiling saturated by chandeliers in the form of giant crystal teardrops,” said Wong.

Futuristic Eden at UA Shenzhen Cinema by Alexander Wong Architects

Each of the cinema houses develops the ‘Futuristic Eden’ theme in a different and visually exciting form. The Adam and Eve cinema house alludes to the form of the male and female body. This is achieved through bold and sensual patterns lining the walls.

Alexander Wong Architects has designed numerous UA Cinema facilities, on top of the company’s luxury residential portfolio, including CityPlaza, Tuen Mun and iSquare in Hong Kong.

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