Alabau House, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

[Google-translated from Spanish]
The land has a slight downward slope to the south. So housing has been proposed staggered so that three levels have a direct view to the south. Similarly, provision has been a central courtyard to which “dumps” the entire house, as a large greenhouse.

One of the most important characteristics of housing is that all roofs are landscaped and run at slightly above the natural elevation of surrounding terrain. Thus, the covers blend into the surrounding garden and can be used as usual.

Again, the housing structure is tripartite. The main rooms on both sides run the central double-height space, as a covered patio. The top floor houses the bedrooms, and downstairs, the areas of day.

The most prominent formal feature of the house are bearing walls curved, which are designed and run to the surrounding garden. Load-bearing walls are a huge advantage in building low-rise buildings because they provide a high thermal inertia, and allows them to build with very few supporting resources. On the other hand, the curvature of the walls can contain projected land to different heights, and integrate seamlessly into the garden surrounding the house (in a sculptural and very attractive).

Casa Alabau
José Luis Alabau
Urbanización Virgen de Monserrat, Valencia
210 m2
195.000 euros

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