AIDi: Embracing Community in the Heart of Terlizzi, Italy

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Project Highlights

Year: 2023
What: Solidal Pavilion
Where: Terlizzi (BA), Italy
Client: Fraternità Francescana di Betania

Built area: 220 sqm
Site area: 740 sqm
Author: Mixtura (Maria Grazia Prencipe, Cesare Querci)
Lead Architect: Cesare Querci

Structural Calculation: EW Enginereeng works
Laminated wood supply and cutting: Hasslacher Norica Timber
Wooden structure installation: Progetto Immobiliare S.r.l, Realty Bioedilizia
Aluminum roof and façade: Prefa® distributed by Alpewa®

Metal roofing and facade installation: Lattonerie Lazazzera Srl
Design Team: Cesare Querci, Maria Grazia Prencipe, Guido Di Croce

Welcome to Terlizzi, Italy, where Mixtura proudly unveils its latest project – AIDi: Welcome in the Pantry! Nestled in the charming municipality of Terlizzi, in the picturesque region of Puglia, this building is more than just a structure; it’s a beacon of unity connecting the Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany’s convent life with the vibrant pulse of the city streets.

A Building with Purpose

AIDi serves a vital role as a hub for community support. Housing a warehouse for food parcels, a cold room, a distribution point, a listening office for those in need, toilets, and a convenient drive-through for efficient food parcel distribution, it stands as a testament to compassion and community engagement.

Crafting Uniqueness with Purpose

In response to the client’s request for a simple yet welcoming design that underscores the building’s unique purpose, Mixtura succeeded in creating a structure that seamlessly integrates with the convent while standing out as a symbol of hope. Recognizing the urgency of establishing a dedicated space for distribution and support, the architects carefully balanced functionality, timing, and cost-effectiveness in their design.

Architectural Ingenuity

The project’s design draws inspiration from the concept of “home as a place of hospitality,” transforming the traditional image of a symmetrical house with a gable roof into a dynamic and unique building. The use of laminated wood for the main structure, platform-frame infills with insulation, and a ventilated roof with aluminum sheet coating showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality.

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Eco-Friendly and Community-Centric

AIDi is not just a building; it’s a commitment to sustainability. The compact structure, featuring sheet metal facades and wooden sunshades, not only provides climate control but also ensures privacy. The green surroundings, roads, and parking lots prioritize soil permeability, contributing to a cooler environment during the hottest hours. Leveraging existing photovoltaic panels from the adjacent convent, the building embraces eco-friendly energy solutions.

Architect’s Vision

Cesare Querci, the lead architect, emphasizes the profound responsibility architects hold in shaping the relationship between humans and their environment. He states, “Every building establishes a relationship between man and the environment, and can unify or separate.” For Querci and the team, the challenge lies in doing more with less, making a positive and lasting impact on the community and the environment.

Recognition and Beyond

AIDi has earned its place among the finalists for the prestigious Wood Architecture Prize 2024, presented by Klimahouse as part of the Bolzano fair in Italy. This recognition highlights the building’s excellence in sustainability and wooden constructions, cementing its status as a symbol of positive change.

AIDi: More than a building, a testament to unity, compassion, and sustainable architecture in the heart of Terlizzi, Italy. Welcome to a place where community support and architectural brilliance come together for a brighter future.

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