AGORA’s Mid-Century Marvel: Open-Plan Elegance in Edinburgh

In the tranquil suburban neighborhood of Corstorphine, Edinburgh, nestled among the charm of mid-century architecture, AGORA architecture + design has orchestrated a remarkable transformation. This project unveils the story of turning a long, narrow kitchen into an open-plan haven that fosters togetherness, creativity, and serenity. Join us on this architectural journey as we explore how AGORA breathed new life into a mid-century gem.

Rediscovering Openness

The mid-century terraced house in Corstorphine presented a challenge: a fragmented layout that kept the family apart. Walls separated the kitchen from the living room and garden, inhibiting the harmonious flow of daily life. AGORA’s task was to mend these divisions and rekindle a sense of unity within the home.

A Harmonious L-Shaped Haven

The solution? AGORA transformed the layout into an inviting L-shaped living space, orienting it towards the lush backyard. Walls vanished, windows expanded, and doors transformed to welcome abundant natural light and seamless garden connections. A versatile space emerged, featuring a home office or spare bedroom at the front, a cozy central snug with a focal fireplace, and the heart of the home—kitchen and dining areas at the rear. An exposed steel structure elegantly delineates these zones.

Kitchen as Functional Art

The kitchen is truly the jewel of this redesign, treated as a functional work of art. Appliances are concealed behind tall oak doors, with the sink nestled within a central alcove. Full-height shelving frames a window seat lined with oak, providing both a peaceful retreat and a place to showcase personal treasures. This juxtaposition of functionality and aesthetics makes the kitchen a captivating centerpiece.

The Palette of Serenity

Agora Architecture + Design’s distinctive touch extends to the choice of colors and finishes. An oak herringbone floor graces the ground floor, while shades of green and pink gracefully adorn the kitchen units, walls, steelwork, and soft furnishings. Flush skirtings, frameless doors, and transparent switches contribute to a sense of spaciousness. The result? A serene and inviting space capable of accommodating large gatherings or offering intimate moments by the fire.

A Mid-Century Marvel Revived

In the heart of Corstorphine, AGORA architecture + design has breathed new life into a mid-century treasure. This project showcases not only their remarkable talent but also their commitment to creating spaces that bring families together while honoring the elegance of the past. With an emphasis on openness, functionality, and aesthetics, AGORA’s transformation of this Edinburgh home is a testament to their skill and vision.

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