Aethos Ericeira: History & Modern Elegance by Pedra Silva Arquitectos

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Project Details

Client: Aethos Hotels
Status: Built
Project Date: 2019-2020
Construction Date: 2020-2022
Construction Area: 3,745 sqm

Interior Design and FF&E: Astet Studio
Landscape Architecture: Topiaris
Main Contractor: Novos Construtores
Lighting: Prolicht
Selected Consultants: Natural Works
Photography: Francisco Nogueira – Architectural Photography


Exterior Cladding: Weber
Timber Slats: Carmo
Window Frames: Technal
Timber Flooring: Oscar Ono
Joinery: Epoca

Nestled in the breathtaking coastal town of Ericeira, Portugal, the Aethos Ericeira Hotel stands as a testament to architectural innovation and vision. Crafted by the ingenious minds at Pedra Silva Arquitectos, this boutique hotel is more than just a place to stay—it’s a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design, offering guests a captivating journey through time and style.

Preserving History Amidst Constraints

Pedra Silva Arquitectos embarked on a remarkable journey when tasked with the refurbishment of the Aethos Ericeira Hotel. The existing building, located on a protected site, carried historical significance that needed to be retained despite numerous constraints. The architects demonstrated their respect for the site’s heritage by carefully preserving parts of the original structure, reimagining its potential while maintaining its historical essence.

Architectural Transformation: Stripping Down to Essence

One of the most remarkable aspects of this transformation was the architects’ dedication to simplifying and clarifying the building’s design. In an attempt to erase conflicting architectural interventions and bring back the building’s soul, the architects stripped away extraneous elements, leaving behind only the most essential architectural features. This process allowed them to create well-defined spaces that played with light and shadows, effectively breathing life into the structure.

A New Face to the Sea

A pivotal turning point in the design process was the repositioning of the main entrance to face the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Pedra Silva Arquitectos designed a double-height area that beautifully merged the seascape with the hotel’s arrival experience. This shift not only enhanced the connection between the building and its surroundings but also provided an awe-inspiring entry point for guests, setting the tone for their stay.

Architectural Details that Define

The architects’ meticulous attention to detail is evident in the revitalization of the building’s features. Arches, once lost in time, were given a renewed sense of purpose with proportion, texture, and depth. The play of light and shadow on these arches not only added depth to the space but also protected the rooms from harsh sunlight. The restoration of windows, designed as metallic boxes protruding from the facades, became a distinctive and defining feature of the building, celebrating the harmony between old and new.

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Revolutionizing the Pool Area

The transformation extended beyond the building’s walls and into the surrounding pool area. By thoughtfully demolishing an existing basement, the architects connected the pool area seamlessly to the hotel building. This redesign created a series of interconnected levels, inviting guests to explore and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the location.

Interior Elegance and Functional Flow

The interior layout of the Aethos Ericeira Hotel is a masterful fusion of open plan design and functional elegance. From the welcoming lounge area to the multipurpose rooms and the restaurant, the architects ensured a direct connection to the exterior, capitalizing on the stunning vistas. Bedrooms were reimagined with mezzanine spaces, offering guests the opportunity to bask in panoramic views and relaxation.

A Palette of Harmony

Pedra Silva Arquitectos triumphed in their quest to blend the existing building, landscape, and modern design elements seamlessly. Vertical wood slats and metallic panels adorned the facades, reinterpreting traditional architecture into contemporary forms. A harmonious interplay of light and dark materials, such as light-colored walls paired with darker fenestrations and warm timber alongside dark frames, achieved a balance that honored both history and innovation.


The Aethos Ericeira Hotel stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of Pedra Silva Arquitectos. Through their meticulous refurbishment and architectural intervention, they have brought together the past and the present, crafting an experience that allows guests to relish in the beauty of Ericeira’s landscape while enjoying the modern comforts of a boutique hotel. With every arch, window, and carefully designed space, the hotel whispers the tale of its transformation—where history and design converge to create a masterpiece.

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