6 Steps to Building a Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom-Remodeling-MH-hp-mdnCreating a new bathroom for a home is usually about getting the electrical fittings done, and installing the required fixtures. However, if you’re planning to build a luxury bathroom, you will need to do a little more planning and pay real attention to the details. In the following article we discuss the steps needed to build a luxury bathroom that’s worth it…

#1: Decide on the Design

When building a luxury bathroom, start with the design. Consult with a good architect for planning out the bathroom space. You can also get design ideas from interior decorating magazines and websites. If your luxury bathroom is a part of the complete home construction project, then things like the bathroom’s size, shape, plumbing, etc. can be incorporated into the home’s general architectural plan.

#2: Prepare the Budget

Constructing a luxury bathroom can eat into your budget if you don’t set it right. And that’s something you don’t want. So right in the beginning stage, you need to prepare a construction budget for the bathroom. Make sure you include all the necessary supplies/materials that are required for remodeling without going overboard with the budget.

#3: Hire a Contractor

When you hire a contractor, he will employ his own construction workers in order to build the luxury bathroom. Besides that, a contractor will also be responsible for bringing in any subcontractors as needed. Each of the subcontractor such as electrician, mason and the carpenter will have to be brought at the right stage of the project to get his portion completed.

#4: Ask for Estimates

The contractors that you work with, should be able to give you estimates for the luxury bathroom. Make sure you get at least four estimates from each of the contractor for his portion of work. Also, see to it that the contractor you select has a “state contractor’s license”. Apart from this, you can also enquire with other homeowners that have already built their luxury bathroom so that they can suggestion good contractors/subcontractors.

#5: Research Preferred Luxury Items

Building a luxury bathroom is about personal preference. This is why you should research luxury items so that you can include the ones that you want. For example, having a smart toilet gives automated seat opening and closing, heated toilet seats along with automatic washing/drying. And bathtubs can be luxurious spa styled, with soothing water massages, stream jets and whirlpools as well. Other luxury items could be heated floors, towel warmers, a premium water softener, TV mirrors, e-window blinds, etc.

#6: Purchase the Luxury Items

Buying the necessary items for luxury bathroom is also an important step. Things like cabinets, fixtures, wallpaper, cabinetry and accessories (which includes shower curtains, towel racks, soap dishes, etc) cannot be ignored. You can buy these luxury items at speciality shops online or offline. In addition to this, fixtures and other needed luxury items can be found on many websites being sold at a retail price. It’s a good idea to work with your architect when buying any of these items so that they don’t feel out of place with your overall luxury bathroom building plan.

In conclusion, building a luxury bathroom isn’t rocket science. If you have got the budget and a plan, then you can create one without many hassles.

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