5 Ways to Make your Home More Natural

Many experts are predicting that we are moving away from nature; living in a digital world, which wasn’t helped by the pandemic and when we return home after a hard day at work, it is soothing to be surrounded by some natural elements. There are many ways to add a touch of nature into your living space and here are a few examples.

  1. Natural Kitchenware – Bamboo is a very versatile material and many items in the kitchen can be made of this unique timber; bowls, dishes and even knives, forks and spoons. The Internet hosts many e-commerce stores that sell natural earthenware and bamboo kitchen products; you can even buy bamboo bed sheets and towels.
  2. Cedar blinds – Custom made cedar blinds for sale by a leading Australian company would transform your interior with a soothing timber screening solution. Made to fit the windows, the supplier would send a technician to your home where you can sit down and examine the many design options and he or she can measure up for an all-inclusive quote. Operation can be manual or motorised and the blinds can be installed inside and out, giving you a rich brown timber look that adds character to your home, while providing ideal screening and shading. Here are a few tips for plantation shutters design and installation.
  3. Indoor plants – Choose a few exotic species that thrive in Australia’s climate; the injection of green will transform the ambience and you can order online directly from the supplier and enjoy free delivery. Adorn the lounge, dining room and hallway with attractive evergreens and you’ll notice the soothing ambience that comes with indoor plants.
  4. Solid hardwood flooring – Yes, it is a significant investment, but one that stands the test of time and after a few years of hard wear, sand the flooring and re-stain and varnish for a new look floor. Once installed by a team of professionals, your new flooring will be a statement piece and there isn’t a better way to bring nature into your home; search online for a leading Australian flooring contractor and pay their showroom a visit to view stunning timber flooring.
  5. Build a conservatory – There are specialist companies that can design and build a glass conservatory, which you can turn into an indoor garden. It is an expensive way to add to your living space, but an aluminum frame double-glazed structure would be guaranteed for 20 years. You choose where the openings are and the design can be in-line with the property, in terms of style. This will be a major feature of your home and a favourite place for all the family, especially in the winter months. It is important to improve your home on a regular basis, as this adds to your investment.

Of course, there are many ways that you can introduce natural elements into your home and the above are just a few that we think are great ways to add a natural touch.

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