5 Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

The roof of a house is often subject to neglect until it’s in need of a repair or replacement. However, seeing as it protects everything beneath it, it’s crucial to conduct regular maintenance. Not looking after your home’s roof risks putting the rest of your home in danger of damage. Whether you have a thatched, dormer or skillion roof, it is in your interest to ensure it stays in great condition. Here are a few maintenance tips to help you on your way:

Clean Your Gutters

As the weather changes, it’s normal for debris to get caught in your gutters. Keeping your gutters clean is important for roof maintenance. At the end of the day, any gutter blockages prevent water from flowing away from your home, which can cause issues and damage the roof. Roof decking rot is a problem usually caused by gutter blockages. It is easy to prevent through regular maintenance, so make sure you check your gutters at least twice a year.

Check for Cracks

As temperatures change from one season to the next, you may notice cracks on the roof. Furthermore, storms can do even greater damage to the exterior of a property. Despite the fact that roofs should be designed to last the long-haul, extreme weather patterns are known to cause damage to even the strongest roofing systems, so do make an effort to check the roof for cracks, especially after shifts in weather patterns.

Remove Mold

Mold, moss and algae can easily spread across a roof’s surface. Generally speaking, algae won’t do much to an asphalt roof, but mold can do a lot of damage, especially since it thrives where there is moisture. If you see mold on your roof or ceiling, be aware that it could be due to a sight of a leak or moisture retention.

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks

You’ll rarely see signs of a leak from the outside of your property, but if you notice signs in your attic or through the ceiling, it could be the sign of an issue with the roof. If you do spot signs of water damage, it is best to seek the services of a professional to address the root cause of the problem.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

While there is a lot that a homeowner can do to ensure their roof is in good condition, having a professional inspection is likely the best option. Professionals tend to have years of experience and will be able to spot problems that the average person may miss. If you want your roof to last longer, it is best to have a formal inspection carried out twice a year as well as after a severe storm.

Your roof is an essential component of your home, and every homeowner should take special care to ensure that maintenance on the roof is carried out at regular intervals. While knowing what to keep an eye out on is important, it is always best to complement this with a professional inspection too.

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