5 Tips To Updating Your Bedroom

Studies have revealed that you spend a third of your life in your bedroom. This is reason enough for you to invest bountifully and make a few tweaks aimed at creating a serene and cohesive vibe in your bedroom. With 7-9 hours of sleep recommended per night, it is necessary to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible to create the perfect getaway environment for yourself. A decision to update your bedroom should not only affect appearance but also comfort. Use these tips to give your bedroom an overhaul for a pristine and relaxed feeling;

1. Get rid of the light

In the bedroom, the kind of lighting is mostly responsible for the mood set. As opposed to bright and fluorescent lighting, calm and soft lighting creates a relaxing feeling. Opt to add small lamps at both sides of your bed. Also getting rid of bright beams of light that cut through your curtains goes a long way to reduce the discomfort that they come with. High-quality blackout curtains can keep the light from getting into your room.

2. Declutter

Clutter strips away a room’s freshness and refined look, as it can make your bedroom feel congested and disorganized. If anything is useless, does not add to the room and cannot be contained, get rid of it. Also, when decorating, do not overdo it instead, use simple details and they will turn out perfect. Through the internet, you can discover bedroom photos which can help you derive DIY ideas to improve your bedroom. Put into consideration your vertical space because the way you place or hang stuff defines your room. Also, don’t entertain too many electronics in your room, they are forms of distractions and may hinder your sleep and comfort.

3. Consider a color palette

For décor, consider using a certain color palette, with one color and a neutral. If you wish to have more than one color or neutral, don’t go beyond two as it may be too much. Optionally, you can simply repaint it with one color. Spice things up by painting a different color on one wall or even using a simple wallpaper. It is a budget-friendly decision but will definitely change things up in your bedroom.

4. Don’t be afraid of textures

Mostly, simplicity but with a little bit of complexity does the magic. Furniture and other stuff in your bedroom may be the same color but with different textures, they bring out a more striking appearance. For instance, velvet furniture, a faux-fur rug, and crochet pillow covers. Try playing with different textures, it will bring some sort of dimension in your bedroom space.

5. Spend on quality bedding

Quality beddings guarantee serene nights and a pleasant-looking bedroom. Again, this is where you spend a third of your life in so, you ought to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. Quality bedding plays a role in setting an ambiance for your perfect bedroom setting. Even in real life captivating, high-quality bedding automatically establishes a certain relaxing mood as compared to the vice versa.

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