5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Office Space

Making your office look and feel like home is not an easy task. You might be a perfect designer when it comes to your home, but challenges might arise when you have to work with just a cubicle.

Decorate your office space without making it either too overwhelming or too distracting. Strike a balance between style and comfort for the best look and feel inside your office. Here are some 5 helpful tips to designing the perfect office space:

1. Make it Feel Like a Home

Make your office feel both stylish and comfortable. The same feeling can also be created in your home office. Keep things clean and choose furniture in a bold color to keep everything sleek and get you started. Add a bright leather chair or sofa and a glass desk to your office to make it feel like home.

2. Add Bright and Thrifty Office Accessories

Several office accessories can be used for decorative purposes. They come in cool and vintage-feeling items you can find in antique shops. Scatter the accessories all over the office for beautification purposes, giving your office space a glam look.

Just like your home, the accessories render your office or working space comfortable and productive. Brighten up your desk using funky artwork to create a centerpiece or point of attraction indoors. Alternate your chair with something way unique such as Ergo Pro to make a big difference in the appearance and functionality of your office.

3. Blend Comfort with Style

Comfort is everything when it comes to decorating or designing an office space. Comfortable working environment can increase your productivity, raising your working efficiency and effectiveness.

If you have a spacious office, accessorize it with pillows. Toss a cozy throw pillow over your office chair for those cold days in winter. It can also come in handy when your office A/C is too high.

4. Engage in a Do-It-Yourself Project

Keep an open mind when designing a perfect office space, especially Do-It-Yourself projects. With DIY projects, you can paint and design unique things to glam your office. You can paint a pattern on either your wall or door to create point of interest.

An accent wall with paint, photos, fabric or artwork would also look great, elevating the look and functionality of your office space. Use a single wall in your office for accent purposes.

5. Get Personal

Add a personal style in your office space. Find out what makes your creative mind flow; it can be a blue mug or shiny jewelry. Roll with such things and try making everything you like about that particular piece, including color, feeling and design. Look for a few beautiful pictures and a cute coffee cup to tie the look together for a glam office.


If you have to work from your office, it is important to make the most out of it. Don’t sit behind a dull-looking desk in a gloomy environment for so many years because it can lead to reduced productivity.

Start making the necessary changes in your office so you can work in a more comfortable environment.

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