5 Reasons Why Polished Concrete is the Best Choice for Your New Kitchen

If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation, then you would desire to have the best installed in your favourite corner. Amidst all these installations, kitchen flooring is one of the vital components that not only enhances the look of your kitchen but makes it more comfortable while cooking favourite dishes for your family. The choices for this kitchen flooring are vast and endless. Hence, you can select from the classiest looks to the most durable yet drab ones.

Among all the choices available in the market, you will surely find the polished concrete as one of the attractive designs. This polished concrete kitchen flooring can become the ultimate solution to those looking for long term benefits in maintenance and beauty.

Polished concrete flooring has always been a necessity for industrial units and commercial purposes due to its durability and strength. Hence, you can also trust these polished concrete floorings to support the longevity of your kitchen.

The benefits that industrial experts praise about this polished cement flooring include the following.

1. High Durability

A well-polished and sealed concrete floor installation will last for a long duration. These floorings are scratch-proof and crack-proof even with heavy footing throughout the day.

Wooden floorings and carpets might sound good and look attractive, but nothing can surpass the polished concrete kitchen floorings in terms of longevity.

2. Food and Water-Borne Stain Resistance

If you opt for wooden slides, food droppings and liquid spillage can end up getting trapped within the crevices, thereby giving rise to the emergence of bacteria and germs and later to food poisoning. The kitchen in your house is the last place where anyone would wish to spread contamination.

There is no such contamination headache with polished concrete kitchen floorings as its professional sealing technique keeps out the water-related dirt and bacteria from any accidental food drops. You can spot the exact spillage area and clean them regularly to ensure a sanitary and healthy cooking atmosphere.

This is the difference between a porous and polished concrete floor, hence there will no need to ensure in every crack of your kitchen surface after every cooking.

3. Low Maintenance

The maintenance issues with polished concrete kitchen flooring would be next to nil. There is no need to purchase exclusive scrubbing or cleaning equipment or materials and spend hours to remove stains or grime from your flooring. All that polished concrete requires is a good mopping with water.

Moreover, stains such as oil spillage, condiment powders, and even gravy bits from the curry are nothing to the sealed concrete surface. They can be cleaned off in one go, making the floors glossy and look new.

However, you can surely add in some maintenance quirks to the surface to keep looking as good as new.

4. Multiple and Vibrant Designs

When you’re choosing the marble, the lighter shades are always the best option. Wood provides for the limited scope of selection options in terms of both color and design. However, polished concrete kitchen floorings have multiple choices to pick for your ideal kitchen design.

A light sea-blue tone can provide that outdoor beach-side BBQ feel to your kitchen. You can add in a splash of yellow utensils and you are good to go with your remodelled kitchen. Similarly, olive green floorings create a contrast to the matte grey walls, which will provide a grungy feel to the area that is perfectly suitable for quaint kitchen designs.

5. Cost-Effective

Now with so many benefits, you might think that polished concrete kitchen flooring will be an expensive option. However, this is untrue.

Along with installation charges, this flooring style comes with affordable options. To add to this pricing feature is its longevity as a result of which you can expect decades of unparalleled service, making it a clever long-term investment for your home.

Doing so helps in increasing the value of your when you wish to sell it in the future. It will also reduce the renovation cost for the new owners.

With the above features and benefits, the polished concrete kitchen flooring will, therefore, overhaul the look and feel of your home.

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