5 Living Room Lighting Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

The living room is easily the most important space in your home. It’s where you entertain, it’s where you relax, it’s where you sleep, and it sets the overall mood of your entire house. It makes sense that people want their living rooms to be perfect—to have every detail thought through, from furniture placement to wall decor. But how do you make sure that all these details come together harmoniously? How do you make sure that everything looks just right? Well, lighting décor is a big part of this equation and can be used to create an exciting ambiance or a relaxing atmosphere. Below discussed are important tips that anyone can follow to brighten up their living room in the right way.

1. Placing Multiple Mirrors – It is a common household tip to use mirrors to expand the sense of space in a room and brighten it with reflected light. However, this trick only works if you place the mirror near a source of natural lighting. For example, placing a large wall mirror near a large window can work wonders for your living room lighting. Placing table lamps or floor lamps next to the mirror can also have the same effect.

2. Add Decorative Lights – Ambient lighting is becoming more and more popular every year. Decorative lights like long fairy light strings, groups of large candles, orb lights, or other ambient lamps not only adds a touch of more light but also adds charm and additional therapeutic value to your living room.

3. Use Sheer or Gray Curtains – Light curtains are a great way to bring in more light into your home, without the disruption of glare. Although they can be used on both sides of the window, most people opt for light curtains on one side, and darker curtains on the other side. If you don’t have much natural light coming in, then stick to trendy sheer curtains to create an illusion of more space.

4. Overdoing the Décor – While we all like to decorate our house well with the statement artifacts and wall décor, too many things can rob the room of the light. Even if you live in a large house, but don’t have much light in your living room, it’s a good idea to leave your walls bare of any artwork or large frames. Paint the walls a lighter shade to ensure light gets reflected better.

5. Illuminate Your Ceiling – Use a wall sconce or floor lamp to point it to the ceiling. By doing this you are creating a soft glow everywhere in the room. It reflects the light in the entire place rather than focusing the light into a single narrow place. You can also embed LED lights in the false ceiling to ensure to have well lit-space.

Hope the above tips will come in handy to improve the lighting of your living space. As you can see, brightening up your space is not as challenging as it seems, rather it is fun and creative – there is so much more you can do by making smaller adjustments in the living space to make a big impact using the right amount of light.

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