5 Garden And Yard Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

The garden of a home often goes overlooked and becomes overgrown. This is a big mistake as they are one of the most highly-valued areas of a property. A great garden helps to sell your home and adds to its value. Here are five simple upgrades that will help push up your property price.


This is one of the most functional and valuable additions you can make to any garden or yard. Having a stable and flat area you can use for alfresco dining and entertaining in the evening makes your yard a part of the home, and not just a part of its exterior. Decking gives your garden a feature that is functional and it is often one of the features that prospective housebuyers are looking for. If you are interested in decking, look here to learn more about how easily and cost-effectively it can be installed.


Housebuyers are always looking for a garden and yard in a home, and the competition on the market can be fierce. If you have some space around your home, you should have it landscaped to increase its wow factor. You want your garden or yard to stand out from the crowd and be a beautiful space to experience. This will help sell your home to viewers, as well as add a little value. The return on investment is huge but limited. Spend savvy. Throwing a lot of money at a garden will reduce the ROI.

Fire Pits

These are very popular additions that can push up the value of your property a little and make your home more desirable. Fire pits give your garden a destination, somewhere to go in the evening and enjoy some peace and quiet with the family or entertain your guests. They bring warmth, which lets you enjoy a garden or yard for longer, which makes the space more functional and adds value. Fire pits are simple to install, and if you are handy with some power tools you can make one yourself.

High-Quality Fencing and Balustrade

The borders of your yard are important. A high-quality fence and balustrade make the space look better and adds privacy as well as protection from strong winds and other weather. Good fences and balustrades make good neighbors too. Upgrade your garden fences and balustrades with something strong, lasting, and attractive. You do not have to settle for the drab, traditional colors people usually associate with fencing and balustrades. Pastel shades, bright colors, and even murals can all be used to give your garden fence and balustrade a great look. Consider where to buy fencing and balustrade that suits your needs and budget, and create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

The Farm Garden

Food is a high-value resource. Even if you only have a small garden space, you can turn part of it into a farm that helps keep the pantry stocked and saves you money every week. This is a highly desired feature among housebuyers and can help make your home stand out from the competition on the market. Use raised planters for common kitchen staples like potatoes and carrots. Grow green beans on trellises attached to an exterior wall, and make a small herb garden. Keep them close to the back door so you can quickly access them from the kitchen when you are cooking.

Make a few of these simple additions and watch your property price soar. As well as increased value, you will also get some handy features that you can take advantage of before the day comes to sell up and move on.

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