4 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen With Rustic Farmhouse Décor

Spring is in the air, and with it comes new home projects. If you’ve been itching to create a rustic country theme in your kitchen, what better time than now? With the right color scheme and a few items that double in functionality and beauty, you’ll soon have the nicest kitchen on the block!

1. Use Shades of White

When designing your farmhouse kitchen decor, create your base first. Most design experts recommend avoiding too many bright colors or dark colors in a rustic kitchen, as the goal is to create something with a lighter feeling. The best idea is to start with a white canvas for your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and floors. The clean, neutral base makes it easier for you to incorporate other design elements without them clashing.

2. Add Butcher Block Elements to the Functionality

One of the most popular components of country kitchens is often a butcher block countertop. It not only creates a focal point for your rustic country decor but also adds functionality to the space. Named so because of their use in butcher shops, these countertops are durable enough for you to use as a cutting board when you’re cooking but gorgeous enough to maintain their beauty for years. Some countertops even include spaces to store your knives, sharpeners and other items that you’d normally put into a separate knife block. Find these countertops in oak, maple, or darker choices such as cherry or walnut. Cleaning them after each use and using oil to keep them in good condition is essential.

3. Create Interest With Your Wall Decor

An amazing kitchen design requires accent pieces to pull it together. You don’t want to put too much decor on the counters, though, since you’ll need the space for cooking and storing small appliances. Instead, focus on your wall decor. Do you like do-it-yourself projects? Gather some mason jars or ball jars, a few small pieces of wood with hanging hooks, two small strands of white lights, and your favorite flowers. Attach twine to the jars, securing with superglue, and use it to hang the jars on the wood pieces. Fill each one with a strand of lights and your flowers, and then hand the entire piece on the wall. Fake flowers are long-lasting, or you can add a fresh vibe by changing out real flowers every week or so. Other farmhouse wall decor ideas include wooden letters that spell out a favorite phrase, motifs such as cows, chickens, fruit, or florals and patterns like stripes or gingham.

4. Go Transparent With the Cabinets

Glass cabinets are another common look in country kitchens. If you have unique dishes, such as colorful Pyrex or everyday dishes with pretty patterns, their functionality will also add beauty when stored behind clear glass cabinets. Remember, though, less is more. If your dishes aren’t exactly optimal as decor, install opaque glass instead. It still adds a unique design element without putting your mismatched cups and plates on display.

Remember, tips and tricks are really just ideas. If you want to show off your mismatched dishes, do it. Do you prefer more decor on the countertops? Go for it! The key is to let your personality shine through in your kitchen design project!

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