4 Repair and Maintenance Tasks to Carry Out Before Selling Your House

Do you want to sell your house, but the condition of your home is holding you back? Then there’s nothing for you to worry about. Houses getting worn down with time is perfectly normal. You may notice that the once sturdy floorboard now makes noise when you walk on it.

No matter what issue you may be dealing with, you can get it repaired. But there’s one slight catch. Repair works can get expensive, depending on the extent of the damage.

While it may seem overwhelming initially, your efforts will pay off in the long run. Houses that go through extensive renovation have a better resale value, and to ensure you make the most out of selling your house, certain areas need more attention than others.

In places like Orlando, located in Florida, the median listing for a home was roughly $399,000 in May 2023. So, to help you strike up an amazing deal, here are some repair and maintenance tips you should look into:

Before You Begin

Orlando is a gorgeous place to live. Annually, Orlando attracts 59 million visitors. While most come to see the Walt Disney Resort, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld in person, others come to find a house for themselves. If you’re selling or renting out your property in Orlando, you can strike a lucrative deal by approaching property managers.

In 2023, the average rent of apartments ranged from $1,742 to $2,119 in Orlando, with stats claiming the cost of living to be 3.8% more affordable than anywhere in Florida.

But to make the most of your real estate, you need Orlando property managers to help find reliable renters or potential buyers. What’s best is that homeowners can get free rental price analysis on their website.

So, consult these experts, find out what improvements your house needs to undergo, and once your house goes through renovation, how high can you sell or rent it out for?

1. Give Your House a Fresh Paint

Unarguably, fresh paint can make your house look cleaner and neater. It makes your home look more put together and makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. So, if you want your house to look like a million dollars, give it a fresh lick of paint. While you don’t need professionals for this task, if you can afford to hire professionals, go for it. When painting your house’s exterior, you must choose the right colors, but it’s equally essential that the paint protects your walls against the weather.

Orlando gets immense heat; the weather is mostly warm throughout the year, so go for a paint that protects your house from harmful UV rays. If your house is brick or made of stone, you should go for durable, water-resistant paint; if you’re looking for a recommendation, go for acrylic paints. As the temperature changes, the paint expands and contracts with the climate, preventing it from cracking or getting damaged. These paints are also washable and easy to clean, making them an excellent investment for fixing your house.

2. Fix The Plumbing

Faulty and broken plumbing can impact the resale value of your house. There’s a high chance you may get no buyers until you get the plumbing repaired in your home. Furthermore, the more you ignore the leaking pipes, the more likely the entire system may break down, resulting in a massive flood in your house. Consequently, not only will you have to pay for new pipes, but you will also get your interior fixed. Hence, get the plumbing system in your house inspected.

Hire a plumber to take a thorough look at the pipes in your home, and trust their professional judgment. If you notice slight rust, the pipes are leaking, and you have problems like a runny toilet, get them fixed immediately.

3. Take A Look at The Kitchen

Potential buyers will invest big money if you have an attractive kitchen. Start with the obvious – countertops. You need to work on the counters and get them repaired or replaced. If you feel they’re old-fashioned and may get in the way of making good money off your house, consider getting them changed.

If you have outdated appliances, you must switch them up for better ones. Try to look at your kitchen objectively and list everything you need to fix. Paint that has scuffed needs a fresh coat; you can also use the same paint to make your cabinets look lively. Rusty and old fixtures need to go. Additionally, if your budget allows you to get a smart appliance, such as a touchscreen fridge, try to upgrade your older one for it.

4. Look Out for Pests

Rats, spiders, and cockroaches can discourage potential buyers from considering your house. These pests can cause a significant drop in your house’s value, so it’s best to deal with them before listing your property.

Figure out why you have a pest problem in the first place. Is your house not clean enough? Are there cracks in the doors or windows, or are they coming from between the floorboard? You can hire an exterminator if you’re looking to eliminate pests immediately.

If your house is near a water body or has too many plants, you must be more vigilant about pests since they may surround your property. Try to keep a schedule of when you last got visited by an exterminator so you can promptly handle the pest problem.

Final Thoughts

For every homeowner, getting an opportunity to sell their house is no less than hitting a milestone. Owning a home is a massive responsibility, and so when you’re finally ready to part ways with it, you need to celebrate this accomplishment. However, before you get to this point, you must fix your house to ensure it’s worthy of purchase. And this requires a complete evaluation of your property; from the leaking faucets to the chipped paint, you must invest time and energy in sprucing your property again. Once finished, your house is ready to hit the market. But to ensure you strike a lucrative deal, hire property managers with experience selling and renting out properties.

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