3 Tips for Managing the Chaos of Having Young Children

Life as a parent with young children is notoriously chaotic. You have to contend with hyperactivity, temper tantrums, providing love and affection, cooking all their meals, preparing for school… the list goes on. It can be incredibly overwhelming. Though some people like to say that raising their kids was the best chapter of their lives, they often omit how challenging it is as well. If you are feeling a bit overwrought at the moment, but don’t want to take it out on your kids, then you are probably looking for ways to contend with the stress in your life. In that case, you should keep reading! Here are some brilliant tips for managing the chaos of having young children:

1.) Keep On Top of Clutter

Our environment can impact our mood, sleep, and stress levels. If your house is filled with clutter, then it can really affect your overall wellbeing. That’s why keeping on top of your clutter is so important. However, when you have young kids, this is much easier said than done. Every Christmas and birthday, they receive a ton of new toys. As well as this, they are constantly outgrowing their old clothes and belongings. It never takes long for the house to become overwhelmed with new possessions, thereby impacting your stress levels. So, we strongly recommend figuring out ways to manage the clutter. Throwing everything away might not be an option, especially if your children struggle to let go of their possessions or you want to keep some hand-me-downs. But what other alternatives do parents have? Well, upsizing your house is an option for those with the budget for it. For those that don’t, why not invest in a storage unit for all your additional belongings? Storage units are perfect for parents with a growing family who cannot afford to upsize. If you are worried about costs, then be sure to check out storage prices before investing in one.

2.) Make Time for Yourself

Parents often become stressed because they have been neglecting their own needs whilst taking care of the children. If you want to make the chaos of parenthood feel more manageable, then you need to start practising the basic principles of self-care. Don’t just ignore this advice by saying you ‘don’t have enough time’. Make time. Not only is this important for your wellbeing, but also your children’s. Start by creating a list of everything you need to accomplish each day and establishing what you do and do not need to worry about. On your list of priorities should be time for yourself. Perhaps you can meditate or watch some television. Read a book. See some friends. However you want to spend your self-care time is up to you!

3.) Start Getting Active

Children seem to have boundless energy, which is what can make them hard to handle for tired parents. That’s why we recommend getting active as a family! There are a number of benefits to doing so. For starters, doing something energetic helps to tire the children out, resulting in them sleeping better at night (allowing you to catch some much-needed Zs too). In addition to this, exercise and being outdoors can significantly improve your overall wellbeing. You become fitter, you feel more mindful, and you get fresh oxygen pumping through your brain. These things are essential for child development, too. Getting active also presents a great opportunity to bond as a family.

These are some excellent ways to manage the chaos of having young children. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember this advice!

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